COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Westmoreland County

State and local health officials have not pointed to any events or activities as the reason behind the current surge in cases.

With 86 new COVID-19 cases reported Tuesday, Westmoreland County is continuing to see its largest surge in cases since the pandemic began.

The county has averaged a daily total of more than 65 cases for the past week. The state Department of Health is also reporting 35 people are hospitalized in the county, with four people requiring ventilators.

“I think people let their guard down,” said Dr. Carol Fox, chief medical officer for Excela Health. “I think we went through a phase where there were not a lot of positive cases, and individuals felt more comfortable being without their mask.”

Fox said right now there are no concerns about hospital capacity within the Excela Health system, adding that many cases are not severe.

“We do have less individuals requiring ventilators and intensive care units,” Fox said. “That being said, they are sick enough to be in the hospital and that’s something to be concerned about.”

COVID-19 cases have impacted more than a half dozen school districts in Westmoreland County and outbreaks are currently ongoing at Westmoreland Manor senior care center and the Westmoreland County prison.

Fifty-eight people in the county have now died from COVID-19, according to the Westmoreland County coroner.

Source: COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Westmoreland County

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