PNC Bank acknowledges customer transaction issues

Several local PNC Bank customers reached out to Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 to report that their bank accounts were charged large amounts of money after they pumped gas over the weekend, and they have not been reimbursed.

“I used my debit card in the reader, and then that night I got declined buying something else,” said Julie Remaley “I checked my bank account and there were three separate charges, one for $126, one for $13 and one for 11 totaling $165 of charges, and I only got $26 worth of gas.”

Remaley said a PNC Bank representative told her that the charge was was a hold, placed by gas stations to guarantee their bill will be covered. Holds are typically charged once and immediately reimbursed.

Michelle Tenk also filled up at a local gas station on Saturday, and noticed similar charged.

“I had had multiple charges on my account, and when I looked, there were two identical holds, $126, along with my gas charge,” said Tenk.

Tenk also uses PNC Bank.

In a statement, a spokesperson for PNC Bank wrote:

PNC is aware of an issue impacting a limited number of customers in which certain transactions are pending more than once. Our teams are engaged and working to resolve the issue, and these pending transactions will be corrected on customers’ accounts as soon as possible.

Source: PNC Bank acknowledges customer transaction issues

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