Starbucks workers fired: Rally held in Pittsburgh

Two supervisors who used to work at the Starbucks at Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh said they were fired because they started a union at the business. On Thursday, co-workers rallied to support them outside the store.

Tori Tambellini is one of the supervisors who was fired and said, “Kim and I were terminated yesterday after being nine minutes late, which is not the way the policy is typically enforced in our store or really any Starbucks store.”

Tambellini and Kim Manfre were active in the union to try and get better pay, more safety measures and more training for Starbucks employees.

“We didn’t start a union because we hate this company and we hate our jobs. We started because we love it here and we want to see it to be the best it can be,” said Tambellini.

Manfre said, “It hurt. It honestly hurt especially because I’ve worked for Starbucks for nearly four years and I’ve been a supervisor for the majority of that time.”

Jacob Welsh said he works at the first Starbucks to unionize in Pennsylvania. He’s showing support along with United Steelworkers.

He said, “They were fired clearly for retaliatory reasons, there’s no other explanation.”

Source: Starbucks workers fired: Rally held in Pittsburgh

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