Crackdown on Freedom Convoy continues as Canadian police arrest at least 170 protesters

Ottawa Police said 47 people were arrested Saturday amid an unprecedented police effort to clear the streets of protesters against COVID restrictions.

Hundreds of Canadian police swept through the country’s capital Saturday, arresting protesters and clearing out vehicles in an attempt to bring an end to a three-week protest against COVID-19 restrictions.

At least 170 people were arrested Friday and Saturday, after police began the crackdown of the so-called Freedom Convoy on Friday morning. Officers, some in riot gear, approached the protest zone and scuffles broke out in some areas as police, including some officers on horses, pushed the crowd back.

Protesters were gone from the street in front of Parliament Hill by Saturday morning. Police said on Twitter that protesters were “aggressive and assaultive” throughout their attempts to clear the area, and pepper spray was used to disperse them. They also said children had been brought to the front of the police line.

Source: Freedom Convoy arrests continue in Canada; Vivek Murthy tests positive

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