Pennsylvania police are responding to a reported shooting at a Target store in Lower Nazareth Township.

Police confirmed to Fox News that they received a call of “shots fired” and that police officers are on scene.

Northampton County District Attorney Terry Houck told The Morning Call that people were taken to the hospital.


One man is dead and another wounded after an exchange of gunfire in a crowded Lower Nazareth Township shopping center parking lot Sunday afternoon.

Northampton County District Attorney Terry Houck confirmed the fatality in the shootout at Lower Nazareth Commons, 3835 Dryland Way, which is home to the Target and a Burlington Coat Factory, among other stores.

Houck said the investigation is active and the identities of the people involved aren’t being released yet.

The shopping center is in the jurisdiction of the Colonial Regional Police Department but police at the scene said information would come from state police or the district attorney’s office.

The gunfire erupted a little before 2:15 p.m. Hunter Phillips, 21, of Palmer Township said he and his father arrived in the parking lot of the Target about that time and were looking for a parking spot when the younger Phillips heard gunshots.

In the next aisle over, Phillips said he saw a man leaning over the hood of a white car firing a gun toward a black car. A man on the driver’s side of the black car was firing back toward the white car.

The man behind the white car started running toward the Target, losing his shoes in the process, Phillips said. Another witness said the man ran up to her car and asked for help. The man on the driver’s side of the black car also took off running, Phillips said, but he did not see where the man went.

Phillips said he saw the passenger side door of the black car open and a man fall out onto the ground. Phillips got out of his car and ran to aid the man, who appeared to have gunshot wounds to his neck, back and shoulder.