Man called one of ‘Chicago’s Most Wanted’ arrested in Pittsburgh suburb

PITTSBURGH — In 2019, media reports out of Chicago said the FBI was looking for an alleged drug trafficker as one of their “Most Wanted”. Randall Langston, 25, was arrested at an apartment complex in Pittsburgh’s Highland Park neighborhood.

According to court documents, agents with a state narcotics task force, involving members of several local police departments, used a criminal informant to buy 50 bricks of heroin from a man who went by the name “Chicago.” The operation was set up to take place at the Highland House Towers apartment complex.

On Friday afternoon, police set up a perimeter around the complex as the informant texted “Chicago” that he was parked at the rear of the building. “Chicago” messaged back that he was on his way down. A short time later, the informant confirmed to police that “Chicago” was walking toward their meeting spot.

Agents then converged on the man as he took off running. After about 30 yards, the man was tackled to the ground by officers wearing clothing clearly marked with POLICE lettering. The man was later identified as Langston.

Police said they found a large clear plastic bag in Langston’s waistband containing 50 bricks of heroin.

They searched his apartment, finding a gun, digital scales, heroin stamp bags, a black trash bag containing a large quantity of heroin and other drug paraphernalia. Investigators later learned Langston had a fugitive warrant from the FBI office in Chicago.

Langston was charged with receiving stolen property, possession with intent to deliver and other charges.

It’s not clear if Langston will be extradited back to Chicago to face charges there.

Source: Man called one of ‘Chicago’s Most Wanted’ arrested in Pittsburgh suburb

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