Biden to sign ‘Buy American’ executive order Monday

President Joe Biden will sign an executive order Monday aimed at promoting the “Buy American” agenda he campaigned on last year, which seeks to bolster U.S. manufacturing through the federal procurement process.

The executive order directs agencies to strengthen requirements about purchasing products and services from U.S. workers and businesses, cuts some red tape and creates a position in the Office of Management and Budget responsible for enforcing the directive, an administration official told reporters on a conference call Sunday.

The order will also reiterate the Biden administration’s support for the Jones Act, which limits foreign maritime shipping between U.S. ports to U.S.-made or -owned vessels.

During the campaign, Biden proposed a Buy American plan calling for a $400 billion, four-year increase in government purchasing of U.S.-made products and services. Former President Donald Trump made a similar push, but the Biden administration official said the new effort is a “clear directive” with a “clear direction.”

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Source: Biden to sign ‘Buy American’ executive order Monday

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