Face mask comments draw online backlash for Ullman, Wolf

A viral video capturing comments between Rep. Wendy Ullman and Gov. Tom Wolf Wednesday caught backlash online from Eric Trump and conservative groups.

An exchange between Gov. Tom Wolf and a state House member from Bucks County on Tuesday went viral on social media, drawing the ire of Republican groups and even garnering national attention courtesy of Eric Trump.

The state livestream includes audio of Rep. Wendy Ullman, D-143, of Plumstead, referring to keeping her face mask on while at the podium before and removing it to speak as “political theater” at a press conference in Doylestown Borough.

“Wendy, I’m going to, I’m going to take my mask off before I speak,” Wolf is heard saying to Ullman before her remarks. It was picked up by a microphone at the podium.

“I will as well. I’m waiting so we can do a little political theater,” Ullman responded, laughing with Wolf after she spoke and then returning to the microphone with her mask still on.

The 19-second clip spread online Tuesday afternoon through tweets like one from the Young Republican National Confederation, one video gaining more than 850,000 views by Wednesday morning.

Just an hour before the first Presidential Debate began at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Eric Trump shared the Young Republicans’ tweet, which was then shared by nearly 30,000 people over night.

“While ‘political theatre’ may not have been the best turn of phrase, I’m not going to apologize for wearing a mask,” Ullman said in a statement to this news organization Wednesday afternoon after this story was published online.

Ullman added that wearing a mask on camera should be viewed as setting an example for Pennsylvanians to wear a mask and treat the coronavirus seriously.

Source: Face mask comments draw online backlash for Ullman, Wolf

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