3 efforts to get free masks to those in Pittsburgh and beyond


Stay Safe

Evon Onusic grew up near Johnstown in Portage, PA, and always felt connected to Pittsburgh. So when he developed a plan to bring medical-grade KN95 masks from China to the U.S., his first shipment of 2,000 last week went straight to Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh.

Onusic currently runs a Nashville-based tech startup called DeltaSift. He spent years in Silicon Valley, where he ran a successful company called Algo, which had a Pittsburgh office. He’s also a senior advisor at GSVlabs, which is opening an office in Pittsburgh. When the pandemic hit, Onusic spun out a new company from DeltaSift called Stay Safe.

Free masks at police stations

Masks are needed now to do the most basic things, like go to the grocery store. But not everybody has access to them.

Now, thanks to a partnership between Pittsburgh-based medical relief agency Global Links and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, you can pick up a free mask from a newspaper box outside any Pittsburgh police station.

Two million masks arrive at PITTwo million N95-type masks from South Korea arrived early Monday morning at Pittsburgh International Airport.They were then delivered to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who will distribute them. The masks come from the South Korean government, as emergency assistance to the U.S.The flight landed at 2 a.m. in a National Airlines B747-400F. It’s the third such flight from South Korea to land in Pittsburgh in the past two weeks.

Source: 3 efforts to get free masks to those in Pittsburgh and beyond

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