Woman gives birth at Westmoreland County restaurant on Mother’s Day Weekend

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — This Mother’s Day Weekend is one many families in Westmoreland County won’t forget after helping a woman give birth at New City Buffet on Saturday.

“I couldn’t even imagine giving birth in a restaurant, that’s for sure,” said Destiny Nelson, who was at the buffet having dinner with her family on Saturday evening.

While eating, another woman came to Nelson’s table and said someone’s water had broken in the bathroom and asked if she could help.

“I just figured we were going to help her breathe through her contractions until the ambulance arrived, but the baby had other plans,” Nelson said.

The woman in labor was Lynsday Platt.

She was at the buffet for an early Mother’s Day dinner with her fiance and son.

When her water broke, her fiance called 911 dispatchers for help.

He then handed the phone to Nelson so he could help Platt with breathing.

“I was timing her contractions and they were less than 30 seconds apart, so we knew the baby was coming,” Nelson said. “Dispatch said we needed to prep for the delivery.”

Employees at the buffet got clean towels, another woman ran to her car to get blankets, and they took Platt to a private section of the dining room.

“Luckily at the moment the room was empty, there was nobody sitting here, so we pushed all the tables back so she could have an open area, whatever she needed at the moment,” said Jerry Chen, manager of the New City Buffet.

Within 10 minutes, the baby was born.

Source: Woman gives birth at Westmoreland County restaurant on Mother’s Day Weekend

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