Dog attacked by coyote in Mount Washington backyard


A small dog was attacked by a coyote in the city’s Mount Washington neighborhood, Pittsburgh Public Safety said in an alert Thursday.

The Jack Russell suffered injuries to its face during the incident, which happened Monday in a private backyard on William Street, a public safety spokesperson told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 in an email.

The coyote was scared off by the owners of the dog being attacked.

“It’s typical for coyotes to go after small dogs/cats when there are no people around and to be easily scared away by people with loud noise and arm waving — which was the case in this situation when the dog’s owners went into the backyard after hearing the attack,” Public Safety spokesperson Emily Bourne said in an email.

In the wake of the incident, Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control was reminding people to remove food sources and not leave pet food or unsecured garbage outside.


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Source: Dog attacked by coyote in Mount Washington backyard

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