Primanti Brothers to give free beer for Leap Day

A Pittsburgh staple is giving away free beer in celebration of Leap Day.

“We celebrated four years ago with free beer – and it was a huge success,” said Golomb. “It’s an extra day. A bonus. Raise a beer and enjoy it.”

The beer is limited to one per customer.

Visit to find out where the free beer for Leap Year is available across Pennsylvania.

Our shortest month gets a day longer this year, as 2024 is a leap year. Thursday, Feb. 29 is the extra day on the calendar and to celebrate, some companies are offering customers discounts or free food.

Known as “leap day,” Feb. 29 is tacked on and becomes the last day of the shortest month of the year every four years. And beyond giving people an extra day to reach their goals, there is science behind why we have leap days.

For those celebrating their birthdays on Feb. 29, it is the rarest birthday a person can have, given that Feb. 29 occurs only once every 1,461 days.

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Source: Primanti Brothers to give free beer for Leap Day

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