Will judge toss Hunter plea deal, the rise of low-level crime and…

Conservative: Will Judge Toss Hunter Plea Deal?

“It’s rare for a judge to rip up a plea arrangement,” notes The Wall Street Journal’s William McGurn. But Hunter Biden’s, which is “scheduled to be approved Wednesday in Delaware by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika,” has “become an issue.” The question is “whether the two powerful institutions that handled this investigation and came up with this sweetheart deal — the FBI and the Justice Department — can be trusted.” And “Congress has unearthed troubling allegations” against Hunter and his father “that are increasingly specific and backed up by witnesses,” even as “someone isn’t telling the truth” about whether Delaware US Attorney David Weiss actually had the authority to charge the first son. Tearing up the plea deal would be “well within Judge Noreika’s discretion.”

Joe Biden’s “reelection campaign is ‘addressing his age’ ” problem — with help from NBC, scoffs Stephen Green at PJMedia. In a recent report, NBC admitted Biden relies on an “extra-large font on his teleprompter and note cards to remind him” of points to make. Yet it “failed to mention that Biden still fumbles his way through his note cards — particularly with Israeli president Isaac Herzog last week — and that his so-called press conferences include scripted questions presented by approved reporters.” “While conceding that Biden is indeed old, the report omits vital facts and ends on an upbeat note.” “NBC can’t hide Biden’s age,” but it “can spin it as nothing more concerning than the occasional flub” on which those “nasty Republicans can pounce.”

Source: Will judge toss Hunter plea deal, the rise of low-level crime and…

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