Pittsburgh’s Daniel Moore wins big in his ‘Jeopardy!’ debut

In his “Jeopardy!” debut, Pittsburgher Daniel Moore showed off his seriously strong smarts in winning Friday night’s airing of the popular game show. Things didn’t start off so well for Moore, as he missed his first answer. But after that, Moore put on a clinic.

Moore missed the Final Jeopardy answer and both of his competitors — two-day champ Ittai Sopher and Allison Madson — got it right. However, Moore had built up such a lead by then that they were unable to catch him. Moore finished the game off with $25,000. And another appearance on Monday’s show.

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey took to Twitter to celebrate Moore’s win. Turns out, Moore works in the mayor’s Office of Business Diversity.

Source: Pittsburgh’s Daniel Moore wins big in his ‘Jeopardy!’ debut

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