State liquor store in Greensburg to reopen Monday

The state liquor store in Greensburg will reopen, but not in time for partygoers to buy their favorite libations for a New Year’s Eve bash. The Fine Wine & Good Spirits store at 105 Harrison Ave. will reopen Monday after being closed since August because of potential safety concerns for employees. The Liquor Control Board said those issues have been addressed.

A “temporarily closed” sign remained in the window and door of the business Thursday. Store shelves are stocked.

The LCB is in the process of restaffing the store, said Shawn Kelly, an LCB spokesman in Harrisburg. The employees who worked there were reassigned to other liquor stores, Kelly said.

The building’s owner, John Rause, could not be reached for comment.

After the liquor store was closed, Rause said he had contractors assess moisture issues in the basement. The business uses the basement for storing some stock.

The upper part of the building houses the Slavonic American Home of Greensburg, known as the Ash Club.

Source: State liquor store in Greensburg to reopen Monday

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