Unpaid Pa. Turnpike tolls rise nearly 48% to $155 million | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The amount of uncollected Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls went up dramatically in the past year — nearly 48% — but the agency says that’s because tolls and driving have increased, not because a higher percentage of drivers have become scofflaws.

A quarterly report prepared for the turnpike showed that for the fiscal year that ended May 31, the agency had uncollected tolls of $155 million. For the previous year, uncollected tolls stood at $105 million, a $50 million increase in one year, compared to a $16 million increase over the fiscal year that ended in May 2020.

Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo Jr. said the agency wasn’t particularly concerned about the increase because the percentage of drivers who aren’t paying tolls remained at about 6.5%.

Source: Unpaid Pa. Turnpike tolls rise nearly 48% to $155 million, but agency says that’s because of more drivers, higher fees | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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