COVID lawsuit: Man sues UPMC over test

A Monroeville man is suing UPMC after a misread COVID-19 test and a phone call that forced him to cancel his wedding.

Michael Martin says back in July of 2020, just days before he and his fiancée were set to be married, he didn’t feel well.

After going to UPMC Mercy South Side a test showed he had strep throat, but was later told he had COVID.

As a result Martin and his fiancée had to cancel their Aug. 1 wedding. Not long after, Martin learned that a physician assistant made an error with his test.

“I wasn’t positive,” Martin said. “It wasn’t a false negative. It wasn’t anything other than negligence on not doing what she was supposed to do on that computer.”

The couple eventually were able to get married.

UPMC Community Medicine Primary Care Partners of Monroeville, UPMC and the physician assistant who reported the positive test result are named in the lawsuit.

Source: COVID lawsuit: Man sues UPMC over test

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