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Sunday’s three-hour ‘American Idol’ finale revealed Noah Thompson, HunterGirl or Leah Marlene as the winner of Season 20.

By decree of Ryan Seacrest, a new American Idol has been crowned.

Sunday’s three-hour finale brought back Season 20’s most popular finalists, pairing them with some of the biggest names in music for a series of special performances, before revealing which of the three remaining contestants — HunterGirlLeah Marlene or Noah Thompson — would take home the ultimate title.

Thompson was the frontrunner heading into this finale, with 50 percent of TVLine readers expecting him to win. HunterGirl followed closely in our poll with 30 percent of readers’ votes, while Marlene trailed behind with 19.

But enough math, let’s talk about the music. After a legitimately vertigo-inducing performance from Flo Rida and friends, the finale kicked off with a round entirely devoted to Bruce Springsteen, followed by performances of the finalists’ official singles. The first elimination came midway through the night, preceding several all-star duets, including an unforgettable rendition of “Smile” courtesy of Michael Bublé and Christian Guardino. (Click here to watch.)

The final round gave us encore performances of the Top 2’s favorite songs from the season, before Seacrest revealed the long-awaited results — all of which you can find below.

Source: ‘American Idol’ Finale Winner: Noah Thompson Wins — Season 20 Results | TVLine

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