Police Search For Man Accused Of Stealing Large Lawnmower From Home Depot – CBS Pittsburgh


HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – Police are asking for help catching a man who they say stole a big item from a big box home improvement store.

Investigators say the suspect’s plan was executed quickly and with precision. His target in the alleged heist wasn’t money, but a mower.

State police say the suspect is going to likely face felony charges after he allegedly stole an extra large lawnmower.

Troopers say the suspect rolled up to the Home Depot on Route 30 in Hempfield Township.

Investigators say the man who appears to have covered his face arrived at the store just as it was about to close and went to work.

According to police, whoever grabbed the mower had a few things going against him. First, these things weigh a ton. Second, there were cameras watching him and people around, and he had to cut through a thick steel cable.

However, he came prepared.

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If you look closely at the picture, you see what appears to be fire or sparks coming from where the suspect was. Those are in fact sparks from a battery-powered grinder or cutting wheel.

State police say once freed, the suspect managed to deadlift the 140 pound, nearly $1,400 unit up into the bed of his light-colored late model Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up.

The truck started up and drove away and down Route 30 westbound with the suspect at the wheel and the stolen mower in the back.

Investigators say the whole thing took just under two minutes.

State police say if you know anything about this theft or the suspect, you are asked to call the state police.

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Also, these of thefts are happening a lot as many large retailers instruct their employees to not try to stop the person out of safety concerns.

Source: Police Search For Man Accused Of Stealing Large Lawnmower From Home Depot – CBS Pittsburgh

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