Texas Theaters Reopen After Coronavirus Shutdowns – Variety

The EVO and Santikos theater chains, in the San Antonio and Austin area, will be among the first theaters in the nation to reopen.

A handful of movie theaters in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, are set to reopen in the coming days, providing an early test case for coronavirus protection measures.

EVO Entertainment plans to open two theaters on Monday using “airport security-style check-in,” says CEO Mitchell Roberts. Guests will enter a cordoned area near the front door, where they will be asked if they are anyone in their household have had flu symptoms in the last 14 days. They will also be subjected to an infrared temperature screening, with anyone over 100.4 degrees turned away.

“I feel like it’s really important for our guests to come in and see what we’re doing to protect them,” Roberts says. “The focus is on earning that customer confidence back.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott allowed theaters to reopen beginning on Friday at 25% capacity, as several states around the country have loosened their coronavirus restrictions. Despite that, the vast majority of theaters in Texas and elsewhere — including all the major chains — have remained closed, citing the lack of new movies to show and the challenges of providing a safe experience.

Source: Texas Theaters Reopen After Coronavirus Shutdowns – Variety

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