Gardening growing as a hobby during the coronavirus pandemic | WJAC

Everyone is trying to find creative ways to stay busy while staying home as the statewide shutdown continues because of the coronavirus.

One hobby seems to be budding in popularity, gardening. Local nursery owners say more people have been paying them a visit to get their gardens going.

Jesse Stuver, the owner of Stuver’s Riverside Nursery in Johnstown, says this time have made people want to become more self sufficient and grow their own food instead of relying on the store.

“It’s a good opportunity to put food on your plate and there’s nothing like the taste of a tomato or apple pie that you’ve grown the tree yourself or the plant yourself,” said Stuver.

“You get to see thing that you’re obviously not going to see in an office and it’s kind of nice to stop and smell the roses sometimes, I think that’s important,” said Stuver.

Even though people won’t be working from home or unable to see friends and family forever. Stuver says he believes this trend will continue past this time.

“When people do go back to work I think they’re going to have a little more time, I think it’s been a reset button for people. They’re spending more time with family and gardening is a family thing, you can get the kids out and they can help till the garden, help pull weeds and whatever needs to be done,” said Stuver.

And if you are looking to get a green thumb during the pandemic, Stuver says to make sure you have fertile soil and keep weeds away from your garden. But most importantly, he says to have fun with it.

Source: Gardening growing as a hobby during the coronavirus pandemic | WJAC

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