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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Closed and not coming back. That’s the fear many bars and restaurants across the state have, whose very survival is in jeopardy because of COVID-19.

In a matter of weeks, anguished restaurant owners have had to lay off their employees, who have had to cope with the financial rug pulled out from under them.

Across the state, the folks who give us food and drink now hunger and thirst for a return to normal.

Fine dining to go?

Survival is very much on the menu at Harrisburg’s Mangia Qui. That means free delivery and curbside pick up.

“We call you when we are outside your home and we will leave it on the doorstep. Curbside pickup, same thing. You call when outside, we glove up and bring it out to your car,” owner Staci Basore said.

Bars, restaurants, and taverns have been served an awful dish called COVID-19 that is not only killing people, but also business.

“I’m hearing maybe a month they can survive like that. But with no revenue, after that it’s gonna be a true struggle and possible disaster for them,” says Chuck Moran, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association.

Moran is sending a letter of encouragement to his 500 members saying federal and state help will soon be on the way.

“That’s our message. ‘Hang in there, keep doing what you can and we’ll get through it together,’” Moran said.

Source: Pennsylvania restaurants and bars concerned of permanent closure | ABC27

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