White House limits scope of the FBI’s investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

While the FBI will examine the allegations of Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, the bureau has not been permitted to investigate the claims of Julie Swetnick, who has accused Kavanaugh of engaging in sexual misconduct at parties while he was a student at Georgetown Preparatory School in the 1980s, those people familiar with the investigation told NBC News. A White House official confirmed that Swetnick’s claims will not be pursued as part of the reopened background investigation into Kavanaugh.

Source: White House limits scope of the FBI’s investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

White House Bars CNN Correspondent From Open Press Event | Time

The network calls the decision “retaliatory in nature” and “not indicative of an open and free press”

The White House didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Source: White House Bars CNN Correspondent From Open Press Event | Time

Reporter defends outburst at White House press briefing | TheHill

The reporter who clashed with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a press briefing last week over the Trump administration’s migrant policies said on Sunday that he stands by his comments

“I’m extremely angry with this administration that has lied to me, continues to lie to me,” Playboy reporter Brian Karem told CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Source: Reporter defends outburst at White House press briefing | TheHill

8 Times U.S. Intelligence Set People Up To Fabricate The Russia Story

These Russia-related events should anger any American who believes in representative democracy and the importance of the rule of law.

1. CIA And FBI ‘Human Intelligence’


Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team charged Papadopoulos — unconvincingly — with lying to investigators, because Papadopoulos said his contacts with Mifsud began before he was on the Trump campaign. Actually, the contacts started after he “learned he would be a foreign policy advisor for the campaign,” but before the campaign made a public announcement that he was to be an advisor.

2. The Trump Tower Meeting

Whenever Democrats or David French types talk about Trump and Russia collusion they look to the Trump Tower meeting as definitive proof. There are several problems with that. First, no presidential campaign in American history would pass up the chance of hearing evidence of crimes being committed by their opponent, no matter the source. In fact, some would say you’re doing the country a favor if you let everyone know that your opponent is subject to blackmail from a not-so-friendly foreign power (just don’t have your son and son-in-law sit in on the meeting).

More problematic is that Glenn Simpson — head of Fusion GPS, the firm being paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC

3. Mike Flynn And The Logan Act

Although the FBI has tried to cover this up, we now know that the agents who interviewed Flynn — including the disgraced and hugely anti-Trump Peter Strzok — didn’t believe that Flynn had lied.

4. Andrew McCabe Sets Up Reince Priebus

Days later, the “breaking news” on CNN was that the White House had tried to pressure the FBI into batting down the reports on supposed ties between Trump and Russia. So not only was the White House supposedly colluding, now there were allegations of obstruction of justice.

5. Brennan Shops Dossier To Harry Reid

Former CIA Director John Brennan, who may have been the U.S. intelligence official to first push an investigation into the Trump campaign, briefed then-Sen. Harry Reid on the Clinton-funded dossier in August 2016.

6. Comey And Clapper Give CNN A Reason To Publish The Dossier

Comey, at the behest of former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, briefed Trump on one of the allegations in the dossier, but not on the main allegation in the dossier,

7. The Jeff Sessions Recusal

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation after anonymous intelligence community leaks about his contacts with Russians.

8. Rosenstein Recommends Comey Firing, Appoints Special Counsel

Rosenstein  recommended Comey’s firing, and then — overseeing the investigation that stemmed from that firing — appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Taken together, these setups indicate a massive effort to aid the Clinton campaign before the election.

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Jared Kushner granted permanent security clearance


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been granted a permanent security clearance following a lengthy FBI background check, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

The move ensures that Kushner, a key White House adviser with a portfolio touching on international affairs, can hold access to some of the country’s most closely held secrets. The person who spoke about Kushner’s security clearance insisted on anonymity to discuss the process.


Source: Jared Kushner granted permanent security clearance

(whitehouse.gov) – Your weekly address

Take a look at the President’s latest address, or keep scrolling to see all of his past addresses.

September 12, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, the President announced the launch of a new College Scorecard, meant to help students and parents identify which schools provide the biggest bang for your buck.  Designed with input from those who will use it most, the Scorecard offers reliable data on factors important to prospective students, such as how much graduates earn, and how much debt they have when they graduate.  In an economy where some higher education is still the surest ticket to the middle class, the choices that Americans make when searching for and selecting a college have never been more important.  That’s why the President is committed to making sure there exists reliable information that helps students find the college that best fits their needs so that they can succeed.

The audio of the address and video of the address will be available online atwww.whitehouse.gov at 6:00 a.m. ET, September 12, 2015.

(guardian) – Siri interrupts White House press briefing

Apple’s Siri interrupts a question about the intricacies of Barack Obama’s Iran policy on Thursday during a White House press briefing. The iPhone’s personal assistant beeped its question-acknowledgement tone as a journalist asked White House spokesman Josh Earnest if Obama is disappointed at not getting Republican backing for the Iran nuclear agreement. Siri then buts in, saying ‘Sorry. I’m not sure what you want me to change’

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