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AR-15 rifle, ammunition seized, student arrested for threat of mass shooting at South LA middle school |

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Sheriff’s investigators have arrested a 13-year-old boy after responding to a call of a threat to shoot staff members and fellow students at Ánimo Mae Jemison Charter Middle School in South Los Angeles, authorities announced Friday.

According to Undersheriff Tim Murakami, deputies from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s Century station initiated the investigation, which led to a search warrant and the seizure of a AR-15 rifle, a large cache of ammunition and “a list of intended victims and a drawing of the school layout.”

At a morning news conference, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said several students notified teachers after overhearing a threat that a shooting would take place at the campus on Friday.

Source: AR-15 rifle, ammunition seized, student arrested for threat of mass shooting at South LA middle school |

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FBI Says U.S. Soldier Taught Bomb-Making To Far-Right Extremists : NPR

The case is the latest in a string of recent arrests and investigations related to attempted far-right infiltration of the U.S. military, prompting calls for more thorough screenings of enlistees.

A 24-year-old soldier in Kansas who allegedly planned to fight with a violent far-right group in Ukraine was charged Monday with distributing bomb-making information over social media, according to the Justice Department.

The FBI says Army Spc. Jarrett William Smith, stationed at Fort Riley, came under investigation in March

Source: FBI Says U.S. Soldier Taught Bomb-Making To Far-Right Extremists : NPR

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George Washington Bridge shut down after report of pipe bomb

A report of a pipe bomb shut down the upper level of the George Washington Bridge in both directions on Thursday evening, authorities said.

The pipe bomb was reported to be on the New Jersey side of the bridge soon after 9 p.m., cops said.

Shortly after 10:30 p.m. the bottom lanes were reopened, but Bergen County Police and the Port Authority Police were still investigating.

It was not immediately clear if an explosive device was actually found at the scene.

Source: George Washington Bridge shut down after report of pipe bomb

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There could have been three more mass shootings if these men weren’t stopped, authorities say – CNN

Authorities this weekend announced they had foiled three potential mass shootings after arresting three men in different states who expressed interest in or threatened to carry them out.

Source: There could have been three more mass shootings if these men weren’t stopped, authorities say – CNN

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Armed Man Who Caused Panic at Missouri Walmart Said It Was 2nd Amendment Test, Authorities Say

Dmitriy N. Andreychenko, 20, was charged with making a terrorist threat. He had entered the store carrying a tactical rifle, a handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition, the police said.

Source: Armed Man Who Caused Panic at Missouri Walmart Said It Was 2nd Amendment Test, Authorities Say

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An armed man was arrested at a Missouri Walmart, police say | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Officers responded to a call of an active shooter at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Springfield, police Lt. Mike Lucas said.

But no shots were fired and no one was injured, police said.

“All we know is the fact that he walked in here heavily armed with body armor on, in military fatigues and caused a great amount of panic inside the store. So he certainly had the capability the potential to harm people,” Lt. Lucas said.

Source: An armed man was arrested at a Missouri Walmart, police say | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Walmart facing calls to halt gun sales after El Paso shooting – News – Ellwood City Ledger – Ellwood City, PA

People are calling on Walmart, often cited as the largest gun retailer in the world, to stop selling firearms after a mass shooting took place in one of its stores on Saturday.

Walmart has been the scene of two shootings in the past week, one in Southaven, Mississipi where two were killed by a former employee on July 30 and Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso, Texas that left 22 dead.

Source: Walmart facing calls to halt gun sales after El Paso shooting – News – Ellwood City Ledger – Ellwood City, PA

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Trump declares ‘hate has no place in our country,’ as Dems demand recall of Congress | Fox News

President Trump on Sunday forcefully denounced two mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, saying “hate has no place in our country.”

As the president spoke, top Democratic presidential candidates — including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker — demanded Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recall Congress from its recess to address gun violence. They did not elaborate on their legislative plans for such a special session.

Addressing reporters in Morristown, New Jersey, Trump promised “we’re going to take care” of the problem. He said he’s been speaking to the attorney general, FBI director and members of Congress and will be making an additional statement Monday morning.

Source: Trump declares ‘hate has no place in our country,’ as Dems demand recall of Congress | Fox News

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Hotel attack leaves at least 10 dead in Somalia – CNN

(CNN)At least 10 people were killed and dozens injured in an attack on a hotel in Somalia’s port city of Kismayo on Friday, according to police.

Several gunmen stormed the heavily fortified Asasey Hotel in Kismayo, about 500 km south of the capital Mogadishu, after detonating a car bomb at the entrance gate, police captain Mahad Abdia told CNN.
Among the victims was Hodan Nalayeh, a prominent Somali-Canadian journalist and YouTube star. The 43-year-old was critically wounded in the attack and died at the hospital of her injuries, Abdia said. Her husband Farid was also killed in the attack.

Source: Hotel attack leaves at least 10 dead in Somalia – CNN

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Suspected suicide bomber sets off explosion in Tunisia – YouTube

Suspected suicide bomber sets off explosion in Tunisia

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Pittsburgh resident, Syrian man arrested on terrorism charges after planning attack on Christian church

Complaint alleges Syrian man plotted attacks in name of ISIS

Police and federal agents spent the entire day Wednesday at the Northview Heights housing complex, but remained tight-lipped about their investigation until just before 5 p.m.

Source: Pittsburgh resident, Syrian man arrested on terrorism charges after planning attack on Christian church

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Two Saudi oil tankers ‘sabotaged’ in the Gulf – BBC News


Two Saudi oil tankers were the targets of a “sabotage attack” off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister says.

The incident near Fujairah port, in the Gulf just outside the Strait of Hormuz, caused “significant damage” to the ships, according to Khalid al-Falih.

The UAE said four ships were targeted, but that there were no casualties.

Iran, which borders the strait, called the incident “worrisome and dreadful” and called for a full investigation.

It is not known who carried out the alleged attack, which comes amid heightened tension in the area.

Source: Two Saudi oil tankers ‘sabotaged’ in the Gulf – BBC News

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Army Vet Plotted To Commit Terrorist Attack In Los Angeles Area : NPR

A U.S. Army veteran discussed online his desire to avenge the New Zealand mosque attacks and professed to be inspired by martyrdom. He allegedly intended to strike a planned white supremacist rally.

Source: Army Vet Plotted To Commit Terrorist Attack In Los Angeles Area : NPR

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Blasts rock 3 churches, 3 hotels in Sri Lanka; multiple fatalities reported

Six nearly simultaneous explosions struck three churches and three hotels frequented by tourists on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, according to a security official in Colombo, the capital of the island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Source: Blasts rock 3 churches, 3 hotels in Sri Lanka; multiple fatalities reported

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Several explosions rock churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka – YouTube

At least six explosions rocked churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. A hospital official said scores were injured and at least two dozen dead. BBC News reports from the scene in Colombo.


TSA Deploying Additional Security Measures to Airports, Rail and Transit Hubs After Brussels Attacks – ABC News

Source: TSA Deploying Additional Security Measures to Airports, Rail and Transit Hubs After Brussels Attacks – ABC News

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At least 13 dead as blasts rock Brussels airport, metro | Free Malaysia Today

The blasts come days after the dramatic arrest in Brussels on Friday of Salah Abdeslam, the prime suspect in the Paris terror attacks that killed 130 people in November, after four months on the run.

Source: At least 13 dead as blasts rock Brussels airport, metro | Free Malaysia Today


Islamic State committed genocide, says US – BBC News

US Secretary of State John Kerry says the Islamic State group has committed genocide against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims.

Source: Islamic State committed genocide, says US – BBC News


Two suicide bombers kill 22 in Maiduguri, NE Nigeria | Daily Mail Online

Source: Two suicide bombers kill 22 in Maiduguri, NE Nigeria | Daily Mail Online

The attack took place at about 5:30 am (0430 GMT) in the Molai district of the city, which has been repeatedly targeted in the past by Boko Haram insurgents.

Borno State Emergency Management Agency spokesman Abdullahi Omar and army spokesman Sani Usman confirmed the blast.

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4 Palestinians arrested for deadly Rosh Hashanah rock attack

Shin Bet says suspects admitted to throwing stones at Alexander Levlovich’s vehicle, causing him to crash; suspects all teens (16-19).

Itay Blumenthal

News: Shin Bet says suspects admitted to throwing stones at Alexander Levlovich’s vehicle, causing him to crash; suspects all teens (16-19).

The Shin Bet and police forces arrested four Palestinian teens (16-19) suspected of playing a role in the stone-throwing attack on Rosh Hashanah that killed Israeli Alexander Levlovich, it was released for publication Saturday night.



Mahmoud Abed Rabbo Dawiyat, Mohammed Salah Mohammed Abu Keif, Waled Fares Mustafa Atrash and another minor who’s details are under gag order, are from the Sur Bahar suburb of East Jerusalem and have Israeli identification cards.


Three of the four suspects. (Photo: Shin Bet Spokesperson)
Three of the four suspects. (Photo: Shin Bet Spokesperson)



Levlovich was killed on the eve of the Jewish New Year on his way home from dinner with family. The four Palestinians are accused of throwing stones at his vehicle, causing him to lose control and crash into a telephone pole.


During questioning, the four said they went out that evening with purpose, prepared to throw rocks at passing vehicles specifically on the eve of Rosh Hashanah.


Alexander Levlolich and his wrecked vehicle at the scene of the attack. (Photo: Arik Abulof, Jerusalem Fire and Rescue)
Alexander Levlolich and his wrecked vehicle at the scene of the attack. (Photo: Arik Abulof, Jerusalem Fire and Rescue)



Dawiyat, whom the Shin Bet said admitted to throwing the stones, added that he arrived at the location of the attack wearing a Hamas flag which he had received while participating in a rally in Umm al-Fahm for the al-Aqsa Mosque before the attack.

Source: 4 Palestinians arrested for deadly Rosh Hashanah rock attack

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(washington post) – Dozens of fighters are defecting from the Islamic State. Here’s why.


A photograph taken from a video released on Jan. 4, 2014, by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s al-Furqan Media allegedly shows fighters marching at an undisclosed location. (Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

By Karla Adam

LONDON — At least 58 people have gone public after defecting from the Islamic State, and their voices could help deter others from joining, according to a new report.

The testimony of defectors shatters the Islamic State’s image “as a united, cohesive and ideologically committed organization,” says the report, published Monday by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence (ICSR) at King’s College London.

ICSR urged governments to remove “legal disincentives” that dissuade defectors from going public and to help with resettlement and safety issues, arguing that defectors’ voices can be a powerful counterweight to the Islamic State’s slick propaganda.

“We don’t think all defectors are saints, or supporters of liberal democracy, or model citizens,” said Peter Neumann, the head of ICSR. “But their narratives and arguments are still valuable because they are speaking from a position of authority and experience and credibility that no one else has.”

Titled “Victims, Perpetrators, Assets: The Narratives of Islamic State Defectors,” the report relied on previously published accounts of several dozen people who have left the organization, including testimony from seven women.

[A provocative article calls the Islamic State a mystery. Here’s why it’s wrong. ]

According to the researchers, the defectors who have opted to go public represent just the tip of the iceberg, with the vast majority who manage to leave simply walking away quietly. Authorities here estimate that half of the 700 Britons who have left to join the Islamic State have returned to the United Kingdom. Of the defectors surveyed by the researchers, two were British.

The reasons for leaving are varied, the report said. Defectors expressed outrage over brutality toward Sunni Muslims and frustration about infighting and behaviors deemed un-Islamic.

Others found their duties “dull” and lacking the kind if glamorous heroism they expected the battlefield would bring.

Others still were disappointed by daily life in the Islamic State’s self-declared “caliphate,” which covers large swaths of Iraq and Syria and where issues such as electricity shortages represent a reality markedly different from the paradise peddled by the Islamic State’s propaganda.

“A small but significant number of the defectors expressed disappointment about living conditions and the quality of life. They were typically among the ones who had joined the group for material and ‘selfish’ reasons, and quickly realized that none of the luxury goods and cars that they had been promised would materialize,” the report said.

The researchers said they were concerned about the accuracy of the accounts, given that defectors may conclude that anything they say could come back to haunt them in court — or worse. But the researchers said that for the most part, “their narratives have been so strong and consistent that we are confident that our broader assessments remain valid.”

One such defector, a 33-year-old Iraqi identified as “Hamza” by the Independent newspaper, told the paper in March that he quit ISIS after being asked to help with executions and being offered 13 Yazidi girls for sex.

“These scenes terrified me. I imagined myself being caught up in these shootings, executions, beheadings and raping, if I stayed where I was,” he told the paper.

An Indian man named Areeb Majeed reportedly spent much of his time in the Islamic State performing menial jobs such as cleaning toilets.

“There was neither a holy war nor any of the preachings in the holy book were followed,” he told investigators last year, according to the Times of India.

[Indian who joined Islamic State got a job cleaning toilets]

It’s not easy to leave the militant group, the report says, with defectors well aware that there could be deadly consequences if they are caught.

Neumann, of ICSR, praised the State Department’s Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications for its Twitter campaign that highlights stories from defectors.

[In a propaganda war, the U.S. tried to play by the enemy’s rules]

But he said that many of the disillusioned are not speaking up because they fear reprisals, and that if lawmakers want to undercut recruitment, they should offer defectors more protection.

“What we are saying is not that people should necessarily be given an amnesty. That would be stupid because some may have committed crimes,” he said. “But at the very least, it should be counted as a mitigating factor when it comes to sentencing.”

Karla Adam is a reporter in the Washington Post’s London bureau. Before joining the Post in 2006, she worked as a freelancer in London for the New York Times and People magazine.

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(reuters) – White House says two U.S. citizens released in Yemen

Two U.S. citizens that were being held in Yemen were released on Sunday and have arrived in Oman, a White House official said. The Americans were being held by a rebel group in Yemen. Ned Price, spokesman for the National Security Council in the White House, said their families have been informed of their release.

Source: White House says two U.S. citizens released in Yemen

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(daily mail) ( – Eiffel Tower closed to visitors after three ‘terror suspects seen’

Daily Mail Paris – The Eiffel Tower was shut to all visitors today after three ‘terrorist suspects’ with ‘large rucksacks’ were seen ascending France’s most popular tourist attraction.
Anti-terrorist police supported by a helicopter could be seen at the iconic landmark following the alarm being raised in the early hours.
But after a search which went on all morning it was thought they had escaped via parachute – prompting a theory that they had been extreme sportsmen all along. ‘There were reports of three people climbing the tower from the outside from about 5.30am,’ said a police source.
‘They were said to have large rucksacks so no chances could be taken. They completely disappeared, so enquiries are centered on them being extreme parachutists. ‘There were of course fears that they may have left dangerous material on the the tower before leaving.’
By 9am, hundreds of people, including visitors from Britain, were already waiting to go up the tower, but were told to vacate the area, as ticket booths were shut.
The tower has frequently been threatened by terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and ISIS, with security stepped up since attacks by three radical gunmen in the city in January.
A police cordon was formed around the tower and people were moved to the banks of the nearby River Seine.
There have been numerous bomb alerts at the Eiffel Tower in recent years, and France is currently on the highest state vigilance alert. In 2005, a Norwegian parachutist died while attempting to jump off the tower with a parachute.
The 1,050ft tall iron lattice tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair, and soon turned into a prestige symbol of modern France.
It is the most visited paid-for monument in the world, with some 7million people a year going up it.
For all these reasons, French security officials frequently highlight the tower’s vulnerability to terrorist attack.
The tower finally re-opened at around 2pm, following a closure of more than five hours which is likely to have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue. Police were meanwhile ‘searching Paris’, for the culprits, said the source.
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(washington post) – Activists: Al-Qaida fighters kill 45 Syrian army prisoners

BEIRUT — Members of al-Qaida’s affiliate in Syria have shot dead at least 45 soldiers captured from a base in northwestern Syria last week, activists said Saturday.Such killings of captured troops have been a common practice of the Islamic State group. However al-Qaida’s branch in Syria, known as the Nusra Front, has not carried out such mass killings in the past.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 56 soldiers were killed in the Abu Zuhour air base that was captured by the Nusra Front and other militant groups on Sept. 9.

Mohammed Kanaan, an activist based in Syria, said the Nusra Front shot dead 45 soldiers, adding that the “executions” took place Friday on a runway in the air base.

The capture of the Abu Zuhour base was the latest in a series of setbacks for President Bashar Assad in Syria’s bitter civil war, now in its fifth year. Syria’s embattled president has acknowledged the losses, saying the army has had to relinquish some areas in the north to be able to better defend core areas seen as more critical to the government.

The capture of Abu Zuhour also made Idlib the second of Syria’s 14 provinces to completely fall out of Syrian army control. Earlier this year, militant groups captured the provincial capital, also called Idlib, as well as other towns and villages.

The Observatory said the latest killings raise to 71 the number of government forces that have been killed since the capture of the air base.

The Nusra Front, which is a top rival of the Islamic State group, and other Islamic insurgents now control nearly all of Idlib province, except for the predominantly Shiite villages of Foua and Kfarya, which pro-government militiamen hold.

Nusra Front fighters and their allies began a large offensive against the two villages on Friday, deploying at least seven suicide bombers and firing hundreds of shells into Foua and Kfarya, according to the activists and the Nusra Front’s Twitter account.

The Nusra Front released photos from the outskirts of the villages showing what it said were fortifications that were captured by the militants.

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(washington post) – Taliban attack on Pakistan base kills 20; 16 die in mosque

September 18 at 8:07 AM
PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A brazen Taliban attack on a Pakistani military base on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Peshawar killed 20 people on Friday, including 16 worshippers who were gunned down when the militants stormed a mosque inside the compound during prayers.

The attack triggered an hours-long firefight at the base and the Pakistani forces said they killed 13 of the attackers, though it was unclear how many were involved in the assault. Apart from 16 slain inside the mosque, three guards employed with the air force and an army captain were also killed, officials said.

The attack was a major blow for Pakistan’s military, which stepped up operations against the militants following a horrific Taliban attack last December at a Peshawar school that killed 150 people, mostly children. It also underscored the ability of the militants to stage spectacular attacks on targets linked to the country’s military and government.

In Friday’s assault, the attackers first stormed the guard room of the Badaber base, according to air force officials. The base was established in 1960s as an air force facility but has mostly been used as a residential place for air force employees and officers from Peshawar.

Army spokesman Maj. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said 13 attackers were killed by the security forces. He said the attack was quickly repulsed and that the bodies of the slain “terrorist” were lying on the ground in the base compound.

However, details about how the Taliban managed to make their way into the mosque, which is inside the compound walls, and gun down 16 people during prayers were sketchy.

Bajwa said the militants entered the base from different directions in a two-pronged assault — apparently one push targeted the mosque — but that security forces quickly responded.

It was also unclear if any of the attackers got away.

According to Bajwa and a statement released by the air force, along with those killed, 10 soldiers were wounded in the firefight with militants, along with an unspecified number of civilians. The dead and most the wounded were taken to a military hospital in the area, where access was barred to reporters.

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(sky news) – Egypt operation kills 296 jihadists

Egypt's military says two soldiers have been killed during a widescale offensive against jihadists.

Egypt’s military says two soldiers have been killed during a widescale offensive against jihadists in the Sinai Peninsula that killed 64 militants on its sixth day.

The military launched the campaign on Monday to uproot militants loyal to the Islamic State group who have turned the northern part of the peninsula into a launch pad for attacks.

It says it has killed 296 militants since the start of the operation, including those killed on Saturday. It was not possible independently to verify the toll.

Eight soldiers have been killed according to the military, including the two on Saturday.

Egypt has been struggling to quell an insurgency in the peninsula since the military overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

The government says hundreds of police and soldiers have been killed, many of them in attacks claimed by IS’s Sinai Province affiliate.

The operation came days after the Sinai Province released a video documenting its attacks on the military in Sinai, including footage of a wire-guided missile strike that destroyed a navy vessel.



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(CNN) – Blast in explosives building in India kills dozens – 

People gather around the site of a deadly explosion in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.

Story highlights

  • The building was part residential and part commercial
  • A tenant was keeping licensed explosives there
  • The exact cause of the blast is under investigation

New Delhi (CNN)At least 89 people were killed and scores injured when a building that housed mining explosives blew up in central India on Saturday, a state office reported.

Some of the injured are in critical condition, according to the chief minister’s office in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The building in Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua district was part commercial and part residential, police superintendent G.G. Pandey said.

A tenant was storing licensed mining explosives, police said. A fire may have triggered the blast, but an inquiry has been ordered to determine the exact cause, Pandey said.

Some of the dead included customers at an adjacent restaurant. The impact of the blast was also felt across the road, where a few other houses also suffered damage, police said.

About 100 people were injured, said Arun Sharma, Jhabua’s chief medical officer.

Source: Blast in explosives building in India kills dozens –

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( – Inside the new Flight 93 visitor center in Somerset County 

There is a hard truth engrained within the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville.

On one hand, there is the beauty of the natural landscape itself, the rolling hills that are part and parcel of the land north of Somerset. There is also the artistry of the memorial, which, over the last 14 years, has slowly risen out of the earth. Every detail here is carefully choreographed, from the monuments to the manner in which visitors interact with the land. And there is the terrible truth of what happened here, a knowledge that is inescapable as one walks the grounds.

It is beautiful and horrible all at once.

This truth is at the core of the new National Park Service welcome center – which will open Thursday – in the heart of the Flight 93 Memorial. From the outside, its angled planes rise from the slowly rolling hill, a study in modern architecture that still feels strangely organic.

Sneak peak at the Flight 93 National Memorial new visitor's centerGordon Felt explains part of an exhibit at the new visitor center at the Flight 93 National Memorial, near Somerset, Pa., which opens tomorrow, Sept. 10, 2015. Felt lost his brother, Ed, on Flight 93. Mark Pynes |

Inside, soft light fills a long space. The effect causes the walls and ceiling to melt from one’s perception, leaving only 10 large panels, set in rows that mirror the seating of an airplane.

Each panel tells a part of the story of this place. From the opening panel that depicts Sept. 11, 2001, as “just a typical day,” to the events that took place aboard Flight 93 – the conflict between the passengers, crew and the terrorists who were attempting to turn the aircraft into a flying bomb.

“One of the hardest parts of this, at least for me, is this is a conflict that is still going on,” said Ed Root, whose cousin, Lorraine Bay, was a senior flight attendant on Flight 93. “This is a story that is still going on.

“We feel it does tell the story,” he continued. “It answers a lot of questions, and hopefully it also raises a lot of questions about what happened here.”

The second panel visitors encounter is a timeline of the events of that day, and the all-too familiar live news broadcasts that dominate many people’s memories of the crash in Somerset County and attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

It is a powerful experience; to watch again as the towers fall in New York, to hear the breaking news out of Washington, D.C. It can be overpowering. And yet it is necessary to Gordon Felt, whose brother, Edward, was a passenger. The broadcasts serve to remind those who lived through the events of what took place, as well as explain the gravitas of the situation to a new generation of Americans who learn about Sept. 11 in history class.

It has been two years since ground was broken on the new $26 million center and 14 years since Flight 93 slammed into these hills.

“It may seem like its been a long time,” said Root, “but when you look at it in the scope of history, it has happened remarkably fast.”

Felt offered another viewpoint: “For us, our sacred ground is the [impact site]. Which is why it was so important for us to protect that first and then work on the visitors’ center,” he said.

Sneak peak at the Flight 93 National Memorial new visitor's centerGordon Felt, who’s brother Ed was a passenger on Flight 93, gives a tour of the new visitor center at the Flight 93 National Memorial, near Somerset, Pa. The new center opens to the public tomorrow, Sept. 10, 2015. Mark Pynes |

Both of the men – along with others who lost loved ones when Flight 93 crashed – were involved in the design of the welcome center.

Those lost on the flight are remembered throughout the center: a wall features their names and photos, and a seating chart shows their places on the flight. Every piece of information, Root said, was deliberated over, with sometimes agonizing decisions having to be made.

For example, included in the seating chart are the names of the terrorists who were on board the aircraft. It is a small, but not inconsequential detail, especially for those whose loved ones were on the flight.

“As a family member, I don’t want to know their names,” said Root. “I don’t want to even acknowledge them as human.

“But it’s history. The fact that it’s history has to trump emotion. … That’s the line you have to walk.”

Two of the panels detail not only the plane’s flight path, but also its final moments in the air through written descriptions of the voice data recorded in the cockpit during the struggle for control of the plane. It also includes audio of phone calls made by passengers on the flight.

The final moments and phone calls are set against a backdrop that shows the view of the interior of the aircraft, looking up the central aisle toward the front of the airplane.

“Some people thought it would almost be too much,” Root said. “But we felt it was needed. This really shows you … if you’re in the back of the plane, that moment.

“It makes you ask yourself: ‘What would you have done?'”

The second-to-last panel is a tribute to the temporary memorial that was erected on the site in the days, months and years after 9/11. It includes mementos left behind by visitors.

“For some reason, this memorial, people wanted to stay connected,” Felt said. “They left little things behind.”

Felt was asked if he misses the makeshift memorial that was created by those early visitors.

“I do, but I love this memorial,” he said. “The temporary memorial will always be in my heart.”

At the end of the welcome center, a curious window is cut into the otherwise smooth walls of the building. It projects outward in a glass triangle, cut with two slanted support bars, which at first appear to be a curious touch.

It is only when you stand back that you realize what it is – a rendering of a cockpit, looking out from the hilltop of the welcome center towards the plane crash stretching out below.

The effect is unsettling, to say the least. And it brings home – at least for the moment – the final seconds of that fateful flight.

The memorial of Flight 93 is full of these small details. It is only when you step back, or take a moment to pause, that their meaning, their full purpose comes into view – a series of shocks that can almost overwhelm a visitor, but one that leaves an indelible impression of what happened that sunny day near Shanksville.

Source: Inside the new Flight 93 visitor center in Somerset County |

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(BBC News) – Kayla Mueller murdered by IS, says Yazidi former sex slave

US hostage Kayla Mueller was murdered by Islamic State militants, and not killed in a coalition airstrike as IS claims, a former captive has said.

According to a Yazidi woman who escaped after being held as a sex slave – one of thousands of women and girls enslaved by IS.

Two Yazidi eyewitnesses have also told the BBC that Ms Mueller was used by the IS leader himself as one of his personal sex slaves.

The BBC’s Paul Wood and cameraman Fred Scott report from northern Iraq.

Source: Kayla Mueller murdered by IS, says Yazidi former sex slave – BBC News

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(eagle radio news) – Syria Condemns Any UK Military ‘Interference’

On Air: 19:00 – 00:00

Eagle Radio News

Article image thumbnail

Syria has accused the UK of “interference” following reports the Government is seeking to persuade Labour MPs to back airstrikes in Syria.

The Syrian foreign ministry has sent two letters to United Nations chiefs objecting to “brazen standpoints” taken by British officials and accusing the UK of a “colonialist” agenda, according to state news agency SANA.

It comes after Chancellor George Osborne acknowledged that a comprehensive plan is needed to tackle the refugee crisis “at source”.

He has said that means dealing with the “evil” regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad as well as Islamic State fighters.

And, speaking on BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show, he described the UK’s rejection of a previous vote on military intervention in Syria in 2013 as “one of the worst decisions the Commons has ever made”.

However, several opposition politicians have told Sky News they are wary about the prospect of military action.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the Murnaghan programme she is sceptical about the “efficacy” of airstrikes, given the complex nature of the conflict in Syria.

“I believe the only long-term sustainable solution here, not that it is easy or that it can be delivered quickly, is a political and diplomatic one,” she said.

Her comments were echoed by Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, who asked where the global diplomatic effort had been in getting world powers together to address the conflict.

Both women said they would accept Syrian refugees into their own homes as part of a wider housing initiative.

An estimated 250,000 people have been killed during Syria’s four-and-a-half year conflict and a further 11 million have fled their homes.

Sky News understands that the Government is currently preparing to accept at least 10,000 people from camps on the Syrian border.

The Prime Minister has announced that the UK will take “thousands more” refugees, following fierce public pressure over the UK’s response to the migration crisis, although he is yet to announce an official figure.

Number 10 is keen to demonstrate that, given stinging criticism from elsewhere in the EU, the UK is “pulling its weight”.

According to Mr Osborne, Britain will fund the influx by dipping into its international aid budget.

Some of the UK’s £12bn-a-year foreign aid budget will now be offered to local councils to help them house refugees at home, he said.

David Cameron will be pressed on precisely how many refugees the UK will take and what support local authorities will receive when Parliament returns on Monday.

More than 40 councils across the UK have so far stated their willingness to offer sanctuary to Syrian refugees.

Speaking on Murnaghan, Mrs Cooper welcomed the Government’s promise to help those fleeing persecution in Syria.

But she said the UK should not take refugees exclusively from camps on the Syrian border and should also house those who have already made it to Europe.

She also called for more to be done to help the vast number of unaccompanied Syrian children, saying the UK should bring back its “tradition of compassion and support” seen during the Kindertransport rescue effort in the Second World War.

Labour leadership contender Liz Kendall was more scathing in her criticism, accusing the Prime Minister of making the UK look “uncaring and impotent” compared to other EU countries likeGermany, which is expecting some 800,000 asylum applications this year alone.

She urged the Government to accept tens of thousands, rather than thousands of refugees.

:: Syrian refugees hoarded into camps in Hungary tell Sky News their families are dead, their country is at war and now they are being treated as “criminals”

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