Oh, deer: An unconventional rescue draws onlookers

It was hardly a typical Saturday for residents on East End Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Regent Square neighborhood, as word quickly spread that a deer had fallen down a large hole in the middle of the road.

“When it first went down, it was like fighting,” said Tracy Baton, a neighbor who saw the deer fall into the hole. “Now he’s a little quieter and down there looking pretty sad. And it’s broken off an antler.”

Rescue crews estimated the deer fell 40 feet.

The process included sedating the deer, before strapping it up and loading it onto a deer rack. The next step: relocating the deer somewhere safe.

11 Gold Miners Rescued In China After 2 Weeks Trapped Below Ground : NPR

Eleven miners have been rescued in China after a harrowing two weeks trapped some 2,000 feet below ground.

The rescue marked a moment of celebration and relief in what has been an arduous and complex effort to bring the men to safety. One miner has already died and another 10 remain missing.

The first miner was rescued shortly after 11 a.m. local time on Sunday. Television footage showed rescuers clapping and cheering as the miner was brought to the surface wearing a blindfold to protect his eyes from the light. He was brought to the hospital for treatment, with his condition described as “extremely weak.” Several other miners were seen walking on their own with the help of rescuers before being taken to the hospital.

Source: 11 Gold Miners Rescued In China After 2 Weeks Trapped Below Ground : NPR

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