LIVE VIDEO: Train derails in Hempfield Township

Several cars were derailed.

Firefighters and a hazmat team responded to the scene, though officials said there was no hazmat concern or risk to public safety.

Officials from Norfolk Southern are investigating the cause of the derailment. They said a Norfolk Southern train was heading west transporting empty crude oil tank cars from Altoona to Conway when it collided with the back of another Norfolk Southern train.

The two train locomotives pulling the crude oil cars were knocked off the track but remained upright. Three rail cars transporting 18 shipping containers derailed off the freight train.

Officials said some of the equipment that derailed hit a portion of another train that was traveling east on the adjacent mainline track, causing the derailment of eight rail cars transporting 32 containers.

Norfolk Southern officials said no hazardous materials are known to have spilled.

The derailment has blocked train traffic on both tracks.

Crews are working to clear the tracks and restore service, though cleanup could take days.

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