(wtae-tv) – Strangers pull man away from burning car in Monroeville, PA


Injured man saved from fiery crash on Route 48, Monroeville, PA

Four men stopped to help a stranger who was lying next to his burning car after a crash Friday on Route 48 in Monroeville.

Two Waste Management employees and two other people pulled over on Route 48 seconds after the fiery crash, police said.

VIDEO: Watch Marcie Cipriani’s report from Monroeville

Shawn Biddle said he was driving a Waste Management truck when he saw the fire. Biddle, who said he has been a firefighter for 30 years, asked the others who stopped to go from car to car and look for fire extinguishers.

He said the other men — a postal worker, a medical technician and a Waste Management co-worker on his way to work — were the real heroes. They gathered three fire extinguishers, which helped Biddle keep the car fire under control so they didn’t immediately have to move the driver, who Biddle said was badly injured.

“If you would have saw how bad the fire was, they could have easily ran from me, but they stayed right by my side through the whole thing, and that gentleman is probably here today because of them,” Biddle said.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of the fiery crash in Monroeville

Biddle said they ran out of fire extinguishers before medics arrived, so the four rescuers carried the man away from the spot where he was lying near his car’s leaking fuel tank.

Monroeville police said the driver had lost control of his car near Macbeth Road, hit a utility police and rolled the vehicle. Witnesses said the driver was ejected and his passenger escaped before the car caught fire.

Officials have not released the driver’s name or any information on his condition.

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