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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — How much stuff is tucked away around your home and you have no idea where it is or even what is there?

Uncluttering our living space is no small challenge and Leslie McKee of McKee Organizing says start with a simple rule.

“I say if you haven’t touched it in a year you should really think about what you’re doing with it.”

Thinking “I might use that someday,” is the common downfall of the decluttering process.  “We do hear that and then we try to do a reality check,” says McKee.

When they are asked to help someone McKee and her crew set up categories. “Everything is either active, reference, or archive. So we want your active things around you the things that you use all the time, and reference things put away, and then archive things put even in a less easy to access area.”

Anything outside those categories has to go. “If you can’t find it and it’s getting ruined and it’s not gaining value is not really a collection, and it’s time to start thinking about getting rid of it.”

McKee says there are an abundance of places that are ready and willing to take your stuff. “Goodwill, American Legion, Little Sisters of the Poor, St Vincent DePaul, and Construction Junction,” can take your things that could be used by someone else.

But first you have to commit to parting with something and McKee says often people hang onto things simply because they have for years and feel a commitment to keeping something they really don’t need or want.

Source: How To Organize, Declutter Your Home – CBS Pittsburgh