Stop everything: Walmart’s epic Black Friday sale is on!

Shop the best deals from Apple, Fitbit, Vizio, Beats, Instant Pot, Frigidaire and more during this massive savings event.

You can do it all. As in all your holiday shopping. Right here, right now. We’re not kidding.

Walmart’s epic Black Friday sale is your one-stop shop for spectacular, original, inventive, personal, clever, non-generic gifts for everyone you love, like or just feel obligated toward.

We’re talking a pint-size Chevy Silverado for your favorite preschooler; a massive 65-inch 4K TV that’ll make your in-house football fan hoot; a sleek and stylish Fitbit for the family track star; and an Instant Pot for half off — yep, half off — for your bestie (so she can invite you over for yummy dinner — you’ll bring the wine).

The best part? No lines, no icy winds, no leaving the house. You can shop these Walmart steals from the comfort of your couch — and win Christmas before you even peck at those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Source: Stop everything: Walmart’s epic Black Friday sale is on!