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(NBC News) – Two Killed, Eight Injured in Louisiana Theater Shooting…58 year old shooter 


UPDATE: A 58 year old white male stood up after 20 minutes of showing of movie, “Train Wreck” and began shooting then killed himself.
At least two people are dead including the gunman and at least six others were injured in a shooting Thursday night at the Grand movie theater on Johnston street in Lafayette, Louisiana, authorities told NBC News.

City Marshal Brian Pope told the local newspaper The Advertiser that the gunman was dead. Lafayette police told NBC News that the shooting occurred at the Grand Theatre on Johnston Street about 7:30 p.m.

Acadian Ambulance Service told NBC News that eight people were injured, with two people dead. It wasn’t immediately clear whether those who died were listed among the eight wounded or were separate.

Acadian Ambulance Service told NBC News that two people were dead at the scene. Police said they believed one of them was the gunman.

“We believe the scene is safe at this time,” Sgt. Kyle Suarez told NBC News.

Eight other people were transported to three hospitals. Their conditions weren’t immediately available.

Gov. Bobby Jindal said he was on his way to Lafayette and asked for prayers for the victims.

This is a developing story. Refresh this story for more.


Two people were killed and at least six others were injured in a shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, authorities told NBC News.

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The shows you love, issues that matter: Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Joe Scarborough.

Source: msnbc: news, video and progressive community. Lean Forward.

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( – NASA finds ‘cousin’ to Earth in age-old quest for other worlds 

NASA announced Thursday that its planet-hunting mission, Kepler, has found an exoplanet that very closely resembles our own.

  • T. Pyle/JPL-Caltech/Ames/NASA/Reuters
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  • NASA has found Earth’s closest lookalike to date.

The space agency announced Thursday that its planet-hunting mission, Kepler, has discovered an exoplanet that is comparable to our own in age and size, orbiting a Sun-like star at a distance that makes it neither too hot nor too cold to support life.

Kepler 452b, as the planet is called, is the smallest known planet outside our solar system that is in the habitable zone of a G2-class star, like the Sun. It is about 6 billion years old, 60 percent larger than the Earth in diameter, and sits in the constellation Cygnus, about 1,400 light-years away from Earth.

Recommended: What makes a planet livable? Five things scientists look for.

Its discovery – 20 years after scientists first proved that stars other than our own host planets – marks a milestone in humankind’s 2,500-year-old quest for other worlds.

“Today the Earth is a little less lonely, because there’s a new kid on the block,” Jon Jenkins, Kepler data analysis lead at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., said at a Thursday news conference announcing the discovery. “We believe … that this is the nearest thing that we’ve found to an Earth system analogue, a twin system to our own.”

John Grunsfeld, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, called the new planet a “close cousin to the Earth.”

It wasn’t until the 1990s that scientists confirmed that suns across the universe host their own planets. But the quest to find another habitable planet dates as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, whose philosophers challenged their contemporaries to conceive of the universe as infinite, and populated with a multitude of inhabited worlds.

Roman poet Titus Lucretius Carus is most frequently credited with originating the idea that the universe is infinite, in his poem “On the Nature of Things“: ” ‘Tmust be confessed in other realms there are / Still other worlds, still other breeds of men, / And other generations of the wild.”

During the Renaissance, Giordano Bruno disputed the uniqueness of the sun, suggesting in 1584 that the stars were other suns like ours, with their own planets. For his efforts, he was burned at the stake for heresy.

But all this remained pure conjecture until the development of the telescope in the early 17th century. Within a century or so, astronomers began noticing that stars varied in their brightness, and that they moved with respect to one another.

In 1925, Edwin Hubble proved the existence of other galaxies – clusters of stars similar to the Milky Way. His discovery “forever alters our view of the universe,” according to NASA.

Seventy years later, Swiss astrophysicists Michel Mayor and Didier Quelozdiscovered the giant planet 51 Pegasi b, the first planet found to be orbiting a main-sequence star. The hunt for Earthlike planets has since taken on growing sophistication, through tools such as the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Canadian telescope MOST. Spitzer in particular has been crucial in discovering water on an exoplanet.

Kepler’s launch in 2009, and developments in data interpretation since, have pushed the quest for habitable worlds further forward. Including the discovery of 452b, Kepler has now identified a total of 4,675 exoplanets.

And while there’s still plenty we don’t know about our newly discovered “cousin,” scientists are optimistic about the future. Projects such as the James Webb Space Telescope and the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), scheduled to start in the next few years, suggest NASA has every intention of continuing the search for the age-old question: Are we alone in the universe?

“This is a great time we’re living in,” said Dr. Queloz, who was present at Thursday’s conference. “This is just the beginning of a very long journey.”

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Scientists have discovered a ‘mega-earth’

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2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Guide « CBS Pittsburgh

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The road to a Super Bowl championship is a long one. For the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans, they hope the road begins at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe.

This year will mark the 50th anniversary of trainingcamp being held at Saint Vincent College.

To mark the occasion, the Steelers announced an anniversary celebration event, which will be held on Sunday, July 26.

The day’s events begin at noon and with the Steelers Experience, which will include interactive areas,live music and more.

Fans will also have a chance to win several prizes, including pro shop gift cards and VIP experiences.

At 11:30 a.m., fans are invited to attend the Black and Gold service in Saint Vincent Basilica.

Practice begins at 2:55 p.m., where Chris Jamison will sing the National Anthem.

If you can’t make it to the celebratory event, there are plenty of other opportunities to see the black and gold for the first time this year.


(Photo Credit: Abbey Way)

Over the years, some players have arrived at camp in interesting ways.

Two years ago, Brett Keisel set the bar for training camp arrivals. While some players arrived in luxury vehicles, Keisel pulled up in a dump truck.

No one has topped Keisel since, but some have tried.


Ben Roethlisberger Laughing With Mike Tomlin

Full Training Camp Schedule


Saturday, July 25 All players report by 4 p.m. No Steelers’ Practice
Sunday, July 26 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Monday, July 27 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Tuesday, July 28 Players Day Off – no Steelers’ practice
Wednesday, July 29 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Thursday, July 30 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Friday, July 31 7 p.m. Night Practice at Latrobe’s Memorial Stadium
Saturday, August 1 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Sunday, August 2 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Monday, August 3 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Tuesday, August 4 Players Day Off – no Steelers’ practice
Wednesday, August 5 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Thursday, August 6 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Friday, August 7 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Saturday, August 8 No Steelers’ practice – team travels
Sunday, August 9 First Preseason Game vs. Minnesota Vikings
Hall of Fame Game (8 p.m., NBC-TV)
Monday, August 10 Players Day Off – no Steleers practice
Tuesday, August 11 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Wednesday, August 12 5:30 p.m. evening practice at Saint Vincent College – open to the public
Thursday, August 13 No Steelers practice – team travels
Friday, August 14 Second Preseason Game at Jacksonville Jaguars
(7:30 p.m., KDKA-TV)
Saturday, August 15 Players Day Off – no Steelers practice
Sunday, August 16 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Monday, August 17 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Tuesday, August 18 Players Day Off – no Steelers practice
Wednesday, August 19 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Thursday, August 20 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Friday, August 21 2:55 p.m. and open to public
Saturday, August 22 No Steelers Practice – camp breaks
Sunday, August 23 Third Preseason Game vs. Green Bay Packers
(8 p.m., KDKA-TV)
Saturday, August 29 Fourth Preseason Game at Buffalo Bills
4 p.m., KDKA-TV)
Thursday, September 3 Fifth Preseason Game vs. Carolina Panthers
(7:30 p.m., KDKA-TV)


Ben Roethlisberger & Fans At Training Camp

Daily Activities

In addition to the open practices, there will be plenty of things to do at Saint Vincent College.

Daily activities include the Steelers Nation Unite Tent, ELF Photo Booth, UPMC Steelers Experience and the Play 60 Fun Zone.

The FedEx Traveling Great Hall will also make the trip to Latrobe.

A display recognizing Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown’s record-setting achievements last year will also be on display.

For more information about these activities, click here.

Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp

Parking & Directions

Parking is free and available in the fields adjacent to the camp entrance. For handicap parking access, see a parking lot attendant upon arrival.

If you’re using a GPS to guide you to camp, here’s the address to use:

Saint Vincent College
3000 Fraser Purchase Road
Latrobe, PA 15650

Directions From The Steelers’ Website:

From the Pittsburgh International Airport and Pittsburgh area:

Follow signs to Pittsburgh and travel on I-376 East towards Pittsburgh for 17 miles through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. (if traveling from the airport.) Stay in the right lane and follow I-376 East (Parkway East) for approximately 18 miles to the PA Turnpike exit in Monroeville Milepost #56. Travel east on the PA Turnpike (I-76) to Milepost #67 Irwin. Upon exiting, bear right and follow Route 30 East to Latrobe for approximately 15 miles. Once you pass Westmoreland Mall, Saint Vincent College is approximately 3-4 miles east of that landmark. Make a left hand turn at the traffic light at Saint Vincent Drive to the entrance of Saint Vincent College from Route 30 East. Proceed 1/2 mile, and turn left onto campus. Approximate travel time is one hour 30 minutes from Airport.

From Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New Jersey and points east:

Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I-76 West, to exit 91 (old exit 9) Donegal, take Pennsylvania Route 711 North to junction with U.S. Route 30 in Ligonier, take Route 30 West 10.4 miles to the stop light at Saint Vincent Drive, turn right onto Fraser Purchase Road (unmarked), go 1/2 mile, and turn left onto campus.

If you are coming from an area not listed, visit the Steelers’ website here.

Hotels & Dining Around Latrobe

Check out for a variety of hotel and dining options around Saint Vincent College.

The road to a Super Bowl championship is a long one. For the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans, they hope the road begins at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe.

Read Source: 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Guide « CBS Pittsburgh

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(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) – Hillary Clinton speaks at private fundraiser in Fox Chapel 

Mark_Steidl Mark Steidl of Highland Park attended the private fundraiser where Hillary Clinton spoke. Mark is a student at CCAC.

Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton made a quick fund-raising stop in Pittsburgh Wednesday, greeting supporters gathered at the Fox Chapel home of Cindy Shapira.

The former senator of New York, former secretary of state and First Lady, now the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, arrived at the private event late morning.

Among the public officials who heard her speech were Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Mayor Bill Peduto and Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper.

Mr. Fitzgerald, who introduced Mrs. Clinton, said between 150 and 200 supporters were there to listen to the candidate’s wide-ranging speech.

In it, he said that she praised President Obama’s record on the economy, contending that the man who beat her in the 2008 nomination battle hadn’t received enough credit for helping to pull the nation out of the worst downturn since the Great Depression. She also described the freshly negotiated Iran deal as a major accomplishment for his administration. On a more personal note, Mr. Fitzgerald said, she talked about how she had been inspired by the recent birth of her grandchild and by the struggles of her own mother during her early years in Illinois.

“It was interesting; people often say she doesn’t connect, the way Bill Clinton can, but she really connected,” Mr. Fitzgerald said. “You could see people responding to her in a positive way.“

He said she spoke for between 20 and 30 minutes, while mingling with the crowd for a little over an hour.

Her host, Ms. Shapira, is a philanthropist, and community activist and the wife of Giant Eagle CEO David Shapira. In the spring of 2012, she was the host of another high profile Democratic fund-raising event headlined by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Also in attendance was Mark Steidl of Highland Park, a 20-year-old Community College of Allegheny student who brought a message of advocacy for people with disabilities.

Mr. Steidl, who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, carried a sign reading: #IWantToWork, referencing a national awareness campaign. He was able to attend the event after several parents and professionals crowdfunded a donation to Ms. Clinton, said his mother, Tina Calabro.

In a Facebook message to the Post-Gazette providing a photo of himself with the candidate, Mr. Steidl wrote: “Hillary Clinton was in Pittsburgh today for a fundraiser. I met her and brought a message that young people with disabilities want to work.”

He later said in a telephone interview that he thought Ms. Clinton was nice and that he intended to vote for her.

The Clinton event was closed to the press and the candidate had no public events scheduled during her brief Pittsburgh trip. A spokesman for her campaign said they would have no comment on the visit or how much money they hoped to reap from it.

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(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) –  Tractor-trailer bed collapses when rolls of steel coils break loose in S. Oakland 

IMG_5060 (1).JPG A tractor-trailer tied up traffic this morning when rolls of steel coils broke loose on the truck bed, causing it to collapse on Second Avenue in South Oakland.

By Andrew Goldstein / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A tractor-trailer carrying coils of steel cracked open and collapsed in South Oakland this morning causing temporary road closures, Allegheny County emergency officials said.

Second Avenue was closed between Bates Street and the Armstrong Tunnel for three hours during rush-hour. The incident was reported around 6:15 a.m.

No injuries were reported.

Police said two rolls of the steel coils broke loose and rolled toward the middle of the truck, causing its bed to collapse as the tractor-trailer was pulling out of the parking lot of Steel Dynamics’ The Tech division on Second Avenue.

The truck, from P.I. & I. Motor Express Trucking Co. in Sharon, had just been loaded with the coils and was headed to Cleveland this morning.

Another driver heading out with a separate load said each of the rolls weighs about 22,000 pounds.

Andrew Goldstein:

Read Source: Tractor-trailer bed collapses when rolls of steel coils break loose in S. Oakland | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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(Bangkok Post) – New York plans $15 minimum wage at fast-food chains 

NEW YORK – New York state was poised Wednesday to raise the minimum wage to $15 in the fast-food sector, a key victory in a long-running workers campaign for liveable wages.

Low wage workers, many in the fast-food industry, join with supporters in front of a McDonald’s to demand a minimum wage of $15 an hour, on April 15, 2015 in New York

A three-person panel appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state’s current minimum wage of $8.75 an hour should be increased to $15, a raise of more than 71 percent.

Cuomo had indicated he would follow the panel’s recommendation.

“What a great, great day!” Cuomo, a Democrat, said at a news conference with the leaders of the $15 campaign.

The wage increase will be phased in, starting with fast-food chain restaurants operating in New York City. They are due to meet the new minimum wage by 2018, while elsewhere in the state fast-food restaurants will have until 2021 to comply.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, but states and municipalities can set their own. Some 29 states and Washington, DC, have minimum wages above the federal minimum.

“We’re getting $15 before every other state,” said Eric Schneiderman, New York attorney general.

“It’s a victory you have all built,” he said, thanking the labor leaders and Cuomo. “This is a victory for all men and women who work hard.”

Activists have been pushing for several years to get the $15 minimum wage in the fast-food sector, notorious for low pay that workers say does not keep them out of poverty.

Under pressure from unions, McDonald’s announced in April a pay hike for 90,000 employees in company-owned restaurants, though that does not affect the majority of its restaurants, which are owned by franchisees.

From July 1 the starting wages for full and part-time workers in its own restaurants were raised by one dollar above the local minimum wage.

The move followed similar wage increases announced by Wal-Mart Stores, Gap and others, all under pressure from labor and social groups over low pay.

Cuomo said that New York state’s $15 minimum wage decision would “radiate” across the country.

“If it’s right in New York, it’s right in California,” he said.

In May, Los Angeles, the second biggest US city, passed an increase in its minimum wage from $9 to $15 an hour by 2020. That followed a similar move by Seattle one year ago.

Other states and communities have also passed, or are weighing increases to, statutory minimum pay, after years in which inflation eroded the spending power of US workers.

But only a few have moved toward the $15 target that worker groups are calling for.

According to US labor data, workers in the food preparation and serving-related occupations comprise 22 percent of US employees who make at or below the minimum wage. Workers such as waiters can earn less than the minimum wage if they make up the gap in tips.

Read Source: New York plans $15 minimum wage at fast-food chains | Bangkok Post: news

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(Newsweek) – Obama Says He Will Issue Executive Order for Jon Stewart to Continue Hosting Daily Show

President Barack Obama makes an appearance on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” in New York City on July 21. KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS

“I can’t believe that you’re leaving before me,” Obama said during his final appearance as commander-in-chief with Stewart on The Daily Show. “In fact, I’m issuing a new executive order that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show. It’s being challenged in the courts.”

Stewart has led his late-night talk and news satire program since 1999. His last day hosting will be August 6. He will be replacedby 31-year-old South African comedian and Daily Show contributor Trevor Noah, whose first show as host will be on September 28.

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During the 30-minute interview, which was taped on Tuesday afternoon in New York City and aired that night, Stewart pressed Obama on the Iran nuclear deal, mismanagement at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, media and climate change.

“I finally know what I’m doing,” Obama said. “[There are] a bunch of other things that we want to get done, some of them we got started early.”

“Whose team are we on in the Middle East?” Stewart asked.

“Right now we’re going after ISIL, and we’ve got a 16-country coalition, and that’s a top priority,” Obama responded, using an acronym for the militant group, the Islamic State, better known as ISIS.

With the Iran deal reached last week, leaders won’t be able to obtain a nuclear weapon because the decision cuts off four major pathways for getting one, and the administration has international unanimity around an unprecedented inspection regime, Obama said. Congress has less than 60 days to vote on the deal. Obama has promised to veto a “no” vote from the leaders.

And as for presidential candidate Donald Trump entering the field for the Republican nomination?

“I’m sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr. Trump’s current dominance of their primary,” Obama joked. The real estate mogul, who spent months being skeptical of Obama’s original birth certificate, has been making headlines with some of his outlandish statements, most recently on Tuesday, when he revealed the personal cell phone number of South Carolina Lindsey Graham during a televised campaign speech.

Despite acknowledging there is work to finish, Obama noted his achievements with the economy.

“Stuff gets better if we work at it and we stay focused on where we’re going. It doesn’t immediately get all solved,” Obama said during an extended 20-minute interview posted to the show’s website. “It’s not just ‘fix it,’ it’s ‘how do we work together to get things done?'”

Obama’s appearance marked his seventh time on the Comedy Central show, including three appearances as president. In the past, Obama has met with other comedians, including with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night shows and with Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns. He also recently sat down in a Los Angeles garage to speak candidly with comedian Marc Maron.



Source: Obama Says He Will Issue Executive Order for Jon Stewart to Continue Hosting Daily Show

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 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) – UPMC moves closer to opening international medical center in China 

(photo post gazette)

UPMC has completed the first phase in its plans to establish an international medical center in the Hunan Province of China.

Nearly a year after announcing its collaboration with Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, four floors on an existing 14-story tower have been renovated, including 36 beds and two floors of outpatient clinics. More than 20 UPMC staff members have also provided training in customer service, infection control and post-hospital care.

When completed, Xiangya International Medical Center will be expanded to 200 beds within the 3,500-bed hospital.

Steve Twedt: or 412-263-1963.

Read Source: UPMC moves closer to opening international medical center in China | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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(The New York Times) –   Ikea to Offer Repair Kits for Furniture at Risk of Tipping 

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(ABC News) – 15 Drowned When Boats Collided on the Nile in Egypt 

Egypt’s Interior ministry says at least 15 civilians have drowned when a passenger boat traveling down the Nile near Cairo collided with a scow, causing the boat to capsize.

The ministry said the collision late Wednesday damaged the passenger boat, causing it to sink. The ministry said six people have been rescued and the skipper of the scow has been arrested.

The health ministry spokesman Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar told The Associated Press the rescue efforts continue, hampered by the darkness. Abdel-Ghaffar said only 12 bodies have arrived in the morgues of hospitals nearby.

Traffic has been heavy along the Nile, particularly near Cairo, where Egyptians have been out in droves celebrating the feast after the holy month of Ramadan. Nile rides are one of the holiday favorites, but many city dwellers also use passenger boats to travel between the Nile rivers.


Read Source: 15 Drowned When Boats Collided on the Nile in Egypt – ABC News

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(CBS News) – Donald Trump to visit the U.S-Mexico border

Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump will be travelling to the U.S-Mexico border tomorrow, Trump’s campaign confirms to CBS News.

Trump will be visiting Laredo, Texas, a town along the most active part of the southern border, accompanied by border patrol agents. He told Fox News on Wednesday that after his inflammatory comments on Mexican immigrants, the tour will be an effort to “honor” him.

“I’ve been invited by border patrols and they want to honor me, actually, and thousands and thousands of ’em because I’m speaking up” Trump said in an interview with Fox News. “It could even be tomorrow.”

Trump added that border patrol officers were “tremendous” and “tough” people but that “they are not allowed to do their job and they called me.”

“I may never see you again,” Trump said, “but we’re going to do it.”

A local chapter of the National Border Patrol Council invited Trump earlier this month on a trip to Texas. The local chapter president, Hector Garza, told CNN that he wanted “to give Donald Trump a state of the border” and a “boots on the ground perspective.”

Trump also addressed the recent firestorm that erupted after he read out the phone number of Republican presidential candidate South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s phone number during a campaign rally Tuesday.

“I don’t regret it,” Trump said Wednesday in an interview on Fox News. “It seems to have gotten a lot of press.”

At a campaign stop in Bluffton, South Carolina, Trump read out Graham’s phone number to a crowd of under one thousand people, in part to fire back at the South Carolina senator’s criticisms of the Trump campaign.

After Trump lambasted Arizona Sen. John McCain over the weekend and said that the Vietnam veteran was only “a war hero ’cause he was captured,” Graham came to the defense of his fellow senator.

“I don’t care if he drops out. Stay in the race, just stop being a jackass,” Graham said in an interview Tuesday on CBS This Morning.

Trump remained unapologetic for reading out Graham’s phone number to a campaign crowd and added that he “just did it for fun, and everyone had a good time.”

The billionaire real estate developer said that Graham just “started calling me a jackass on every program,” and speculated that even in his own state, Graham wasn’t a popular figure, saying that “he’s got nothing going anyway.”

“He’s got nothing. He’s got nothing going anyway,” Trump said. “You heard the applause I was getting.”

Trump added that he was “trying to be nice” while campaigning, but “everyone’s calling me names.”

Read Source: Donald Trump to visit the U.S-Mexico border – CBS News

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(CRN) – Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet Launches Into ‘Big Niche’ Among Police, Factories, ‘Adventurers’


Dell on Tuesday launched its first fully rugged tablet designed for field workers, first responders, the military and other users who take their technology into situations where it may fall, be dropped or get wet and dirty.

Originally targeted for launch late in the second quarter, the Windows-based Dell Latitude 12 tablet joins the rest of the rugged Latitude line, which includes 12- and 14-inch fully rugged notebooks, and it comes at a time when certain customers are looking for rugged products, but adoption hasn’t been particularly strong.

The Latitude 12 tablet starts at $1,599.

[Related: Dell Intros TLC 3D NAND Flash, Brings All-Flash SC4020 To $1.66/GB Raw]

Stephen Monteros, vice president of business development and strategy at Ontario, Calif.-based Sigmanet, a Dell partner, said the Latitude 12 tablet is a good match for the channel.

In the past, rugged products have been cumbersome and hard to work with, Monteros said. But they’ve come a long way and Monteros sees increased demand on the horizon, especially for technology integrators that work with the public sector, specifically police departments and other first responders.

“It’s a niche product, but it’s a big niche,” Monteros told CRN. Police departments, especially, “are looking to put more of this stuff out there, and this makes it easier to do that,” he said.

Monteros also said Dell is introducing the Latitude 12 tablet at the right moment. “Dell, when they think something’s mature and dialed in, they’ll capitalize on it immediately. Panasonic is one of the leaders (in rugged products), but it hasn’t seen widespread adoption, so this product is coming out at the right time.”

The Latitude 12 tablet includes fourth-generation QuadCool thermal management technology to help it cope with severe temperatures. It runs on fifth-generation Intel Core M processors and boasts up to 12 hours of battery life with two 2-cell batteries.

The tablet comes with solid-state storage up to 512 GB, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, optional broadband and dedicated GPS. It is secured with Dell Data Protection, available Intel vPro and Intel TPM 1.2.

The tablet has a docking interface for component expansion, a variety of compatible attachments and docks for desks and vehicles, and an optional full-size keyboard.

The Dell Latitude 12 tablet joins the rest of the rugged Latitude line, which includes 12- and 14-inch fully rugged notebooks.
Read Source: Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet Launches Into ‘Big Niche’ Among Police, Factories, ‘Adventurers’ – CRN

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(Entertain This!) – James Bond’s life shaken and stirred in ‘Spectre’ trailer | 

(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions)

James Bond is in a whole heap of globe-trotting trouble again in the new trailer for the 24th 007 film Spectre (out Nov. 6), and he’s even rethinking his career as a secret agent. GASP! Starting in Mexico City — with Daniel Craig’s superspy looking cool in a Day of the Dead mask — and venturing throughout the globe, the movie puts Bond in big-time car chases against new foes such as Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista) and in the arms of new love interests such as Italian widow Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci) and Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux), an old arch-enemy’s daughter and a romantic entanglement with whom Bond has a heart-to-heart.

“Is this really what you want, living in the shadows? Hunting, being hunted, always alone?” she asks him. His cool-as-a-cucumber reply? “I don’t stop to think about it.” (MIC. DROP.)

Old-school Bond fans will salivate over the confirmation of the return of S.P.E.C.T.R.E., the nefarious organization that appeared in the 1960s 007 films. This time around, the secret agent seems to have a mysterious connection to this new world order, plus there’s the villainous Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) outing himself as the “author” of all his pain. (MIC. DROP. AGAIN.) Just give him a cat and call him Blofeld already.

Also of note: Ralph Fiennes’ M getting really irked at Bond going rogue, lots of explosions, Andrew Scott (the excellent Moriarty of Sherlock) looking somewhat diabolical as a political foil for MI-6, and, yes, Bond still finding time to make out with the ladies.

>007 looks good even in a Day of the Dead mask.
Source: James Bond’s life shaken and stirred in new ‘Spectre’ trailer | Entertain This!


(BuzzFeed News) – Leader Of Khorasan Group Killed In U.S. Airstrike, Pentagon Says 

Handout / Reuters

The U.S. Department of Defense said Tuesday that a senior al Qaeda member, among the few leaders who received advance notice of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, was killed earlier this month in an airstrike in Syria.

Muhsin al-Fadhli, the leader of veteran al Qaeda operatives sometimes called the Khorasan Group, was killed on July 8 while traveling in a vehicle near Sarmada, Syria, Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the Defense Department said in a statement.

“His death will degrade and disrupt ongoing external operations of al-Qaida against the United States and its allies and partners,” Davis said.

Davis said the Khorasan Group that al-Fadhli led was plotting attacks against the United States and its allies. Al-Fadhli was also involved in terrorist attacks that took place in October 2002, including against U.S. Marines in Kuwait and the French ship MV Limburg.

BuzzFeed News previously reported the Khorasan Group had been targeted by the Obama administration with airstrikes alongside ISIS. The group was almost totally unknown to the American public until the U.S. started bombing them, though sources said the group has been known to the administration and to Congress for some time.

Little was known about al-Fadhli, but last year the Department of State said he was based in Iran.

House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member, Adam Schiff, in a statement said the intelligence community and Department of Defense had worked hard to track down al Qaeda operatives, particularly Khorasan members.

The California Democrat said al-Fadhli’s position will not be easily filled.

His death, Schiff said, “means that a seasoned, knowledgeable, and dangerous terrorist who actively sought to harm the United States and its allies has been taken off the battlefield for good.”

Adolfo Flores is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.
Contact Adolfo Flores at

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(Bloomberg Politics) – John Kasich Says His Time at Lehman Brothers Helped Him Understand How Business Works – 

The Ohio governor has been criticized over his role at the now defunct financial services company.

At one point during his first event in New Hampshire after announcing he was running for president, John Kasich turned to the cameras in the room just to make sure his point wasn’t missed.

“I learned a lot about the way America works when I worked at Lehman Brothers,” Kasich said to the cameras gathered at a town hall meeting at Rivier University in Nashua.

Kasich, 63, the two-term Ohio governor, who on Tuesday became the 16th Republican to jump into the presidential race, was responding to criticisms from Democrats that his stint as a managing director in investment banking at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. is a black mark against his candidacy.

“I learned how entrepreneurs worked; I learned how boards of directors think.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich
Democrats have criticized Kasich and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who also worked for Lehman Brothers, as profiting from Wall Street while the firm collapsed in 2008 and ushered in the worst recession since the Great Depression.

“He couldn’t be more out of touch with the millions of Americans who struggled to make ends meet after the financial meltdown,” U.S. Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio, said of Kasich in a blog posting for The Hill.

“The last thing we need in a president is the Lehman Brothers approach to America,” TJ Helmstetter, Midwest press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement after Kasich’s comment in Nashua.

Kasich made it clear that he’ll continue talking about his business experience on the campaign trail because he met people including the founders of Google and learned what it takes to create jobs.

“I learned how entrepreneurs worked; I learned how boards of directors think,” Kasich said in Nashua. “If you want to rebuild this economy, you better have somebody elected that understands the economic situation in this country and what makes businesses invest.”

Kasich’s former colleagues at Lehman have described him as a facilitator, forging relationships and working with Lehman teams on initial public offerings, debt offerings and other deals in areas including manufacturing, media and technology.

Kasich is spending the next two days in New Hampshire as part of his presidential campaign roll-out, followed by trips to Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan.

While New Hampshire is particularly attractive for Kasich because his record appeals to fiscal conservatives there, the governor will also campaign in the other early-voting states, said John Weaver, his chief strategist.

“We’re going to compete in every state,” Weaver said in an interview before Kasich’s announcement in Columbus. “Our goal is really to be disciplined enough not to get between he and the voters.”

While Kasich’s decision to expand Medicaid and his positions on immigration and the Common Core education standards don’t endear him to some conservatives in Iowa, he can get support among Republicans there once voters hear from him, said Mary Ann Hanusa, an Iowa state representative from Council Bluffs. She accompanied Kasich on a June 24 trip to Iowa and traveled to Columbus for his announcement.

“He’s going to play in Iowa,” Hanusa said. “Iowa conservatives are not a monolithic bloc.”

Kasich, who has been languishing at about 2 percent in recent polls, has been airing televisions ads in New Hampshire in advance of his presidential announcement with hopes of polling high enough to be one of the 10 candidates included in the first Republican presidential debate Aug. 6 in Cleveland.

The ads were paid for by New Day for America, a 527 organization supporting Kasich’s presidential bid that will soon file with the Federal Elections Commission as a super-PAC, New Day spokesman Matt David said.

Kasich acknowledged in response to a question in Nashua about the campaign finance system that he won’t have as much money as other candidates “but hopefully, I’ll have enough.”

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(DOD) – Dempsey, Ghani Discuss Transregional Effort Against ISIL

Martin E. Dempsey

By Jim Garamone
DoD News, Defense Media Activity

KABUL, Afghanistan, July 19, 2015 – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey today discussed the possibility of forming a network to oppose the transregional threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited Ghani here this afternoon and said there is a clear need for a transregional strategy to address ISIL.

Terror groups in Afghanistan – most notably the Tehreek-i-Taliban — have rebranded themselves as ISIL, officials said, noting that these are terrorists who believe the Taliban are not vicious enough.

ISIL is the latest and most successful manifestation of the terror threat, they added, posing a military threat and promoting an ideology that appeals to disaffected youths around the world.

Dempsey has said for years the United States should address this transregional threat with a transregional strategy. ISIL began in Iraq and Syria, but has spread to the Sinai, Libya and into Nigeria. Now the group is recruiting in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“I think we’re all having an important discussion on how to address the transregional nature of what is clearly a persistent threat that has to be addressed at a sustainable level of effort over a period of time,” Dempsey said to reporters traveling with him.

Seeks Expanded Assessment

The chairman said he has asked Army Gen. John F. Campbell, the commander of NATO’s Resolute Support mission here, to expand his assessment of the current campaign in Afghanistan to include the changing nature of the threat and “to give us his insights into what he thinks we should do.”

Dempsey said Ghani told him in their meeting that Afghanistan should be a regional hub in a transregional network that includes the Levant, Iraq, North Africa and West Africa. “His view is, ‘Hey, look, I’m a willing partner in an area where you may not have willing partners,’” the chairman said. Ghani wants to have a conversation on what Afghanistan can do over time to form a network that will operate transregionally, he added.

The chairman said Ghani’s idea falls in line with his own thinking, but that he would like a discussion among American leaders on what the objective would be. “Once we have a clear idea of what we would like to accomplish … over a 10 year period,” he said, “then we should discuss what authorities would be needed, … as well as what resources can be applied.”

The long-term look is important, the general said, because this is a generational fight and the level of resources supplied must be sustainable over 10 years. “I don’t want to do this one year at a time,” he said.

Afghanistan could be a coalition counterterrorism partner and a South Asia hub. Ghani also pointed out to Dempsey that other global actors – Russia, China and Iran –also are concerned about the rising ISIL movement and are looking to Afghanistan for help. Ghani believes Afghanistan could be an exporter of stability in this type of program, Dempsey said.

Afghanistan is a credible and willing partner in counterterrorism and could be one of the keys to addressing ISIL in all of South Asia, the chairman said, adding that it could also network with similar efforts elsewhere.

Window of Opportunity

This could be a window of opportunity for a strategy against ISIL, the chairman said, noting that there are nine stages of development for an organization that, like ISIL, aspires to be a state.

“In Iraq and Syria, you might say they are in stage 6 or 7 or 8,” he said. “In Libya, they are in stage 3 or 4, and in Afghanistan they are in stage 1 or 2.” Therefore, he said, there is an opportunity in Afghanistan to deal with ISIL while it is still small there.

Any military effort against ISIL must have two components, the chairman said. The main effort should be by, with and through partners. “But we also need to carve out for ourselves the ability to take actions unilaterally when we deem it to be a credible, real and imminent threat to our people, facilities or the homeland,” he said.

(Follow Jim Garamone on Twitter: @GaramoneDoDNews)

Contact Author

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey
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Special Report: Travels With Dempsey

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(Fox News) – McDonald’s manager confirms existence of a ‘secret menu’ |


McDonald’s fans have plenty to be excited about. (iStock Photo)

Have you ever tried to order a McGangBang at McDonald’s? What about a Land Air and Sea?

These legendary secret menu items are real things, according to a McDonald’s manager in Scotland who dished on a Reddit Ask Me Anything when user JoshuaTree posed the question: “Can you confirm the validity of the “Secret Menu”? Also, what is the one item you would recommend customers do not order?”

Reddit user orchidhibiscus—who identified himself as a McDonald’s employeefor over three years—confirmed what McDonald’s menu hackers have been discussing for years.

“You can order from the ‘Secret Menu’. Just like with any of our sandwiches, you can add, remove or change ingredients by special request. These are called ‘grill orders’ (i.e. Big Mac no pickle).”

For the uninitiated, a Land, Air and Sea Burger is pretty much the surf and turf Golden Arches style with a Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish all slammed together. A McGangBang is a McChicken sandwiched within a double cheeseburger—with Big Mac sauce of course.

These aren’t official McDonald’s creations, said orchidhibiscus. “Order one and the workers might not know it by name (i.e. Land, Air and Sea burger or the McGangBang), but if you explain what it is, and are willing to pay for all the ingredients, it’s just another ‘grill order’ that we can make up.”

Orchidhibiscus was fine with customers who place so called grill orders, but the user did have one piece of advice for McDonald’s customers.

“DON’T order… the grilled chicken. It’s horrible frozen chicken that we defrost and steam and it’s a bit gelatinous.”

We of course wanted to know if there was a secret menu in the U.S. We reached out to McDonald’s U.S. for comment and are waiting to hear back.  We’ll let you know.

Read Source: McDonald’s manager confirms existence of a ‘secret menu’ | Fox News

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(NBC News) –  Obama Honors Vets in Pittsburgh Speech, Orders Flags to Half-Staff 

Flags will fly at half-staff at the White House and on federal grounds through sunset on Saturday to honor the service members killed in the shooting rampage last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Obama administration announced on Tuesday.

President Barack Obama said the thoughts and prayers of the country were with the four Marines and sailor who were killed, and he expressed gratitude to the police and first responders who stopped the attack and saved lives.

“We draw strength from yet another American community that has come together with an unmistakable message to those who would try and do us harm: We do not give in to fear,” the president said in a statement. “You cannot divide us. And you will not change our way of life.”

Image: Shooting leaves five dead in Chattanooga, Tennessee
A family brings flowers to a makeshift memorial near a US Military Recruiting storefront after a shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, 16 July 2015. Authorities say the shootings at two different locations left four US Marines and the gunman Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez dead. EPA/ERIK S. LESSER ERIK S. LESSER / EPA

The announcement coincided with a speech by the president to the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, held in Pittsburgh.

Obama pressed his case for the nuclear deal with Iran, saying that sending troops into battle isn’t always the smartest approach. Some Republicans have criticized the agreement as dangerous and shortsighted.

“I’m hearing echoes of some of the same policies and mindset that failed us in the past,” the president said. “Who paid the price? Our men and women in uniform.”

The White House rolled out online tools to argue for the deal, including a Twitter feed, @theirandeal, and a web page.

The president also called on Iran to free the Americans it is holding and U.S. military presence in the Middle East amidst the rise of ISIS. He also lauded moves toward normalized diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Related: U.S. Families of Americans Jailed in Iran Seek Release

He also vowed that his administration would continue to work on shortening wait times at Department of Veteran Affairs facilities. He highlighted federal efforts to hire new doctors, open more clinics and help vets find care elsewhere if the commute to a clinic is too long.

“We’ve got to acknowledge (our) work is not done,” the president said, adding “I’m still not satisfied.”

Obama used the VFW speech to promote a crackdown on predatory lenders who target active-duty soldiers and other service members.

The administration emphasized that the new rule was announced on the fifth anniversary of the financial reform law known as Dodd-Frank, which created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

A decade ago, things “were at a crisis point,” Holly Petraeus, the bureau’s assistant director of servicemember affairs, told reporters ahead of the speech. She said some payday lenders set up outside bases and charge interest rates of as much as 450 percent.

In 2006, Congress sought to clean up military lending by passing a law capping interest rates at 36 percent. But the law had loopholes, and its protections did not apply to payday loans greater than $2,000 or borrowed longer than 91 days.

Related: GOP again targets predatory lending protections for US troops

Petraeus said she visited bases across the country, where financial counselors told her that troops were struggling under high-interest loans. The administration said it did not have figures for how many troops were affected.

The new rule covers more types of loans and makes all loans subject to the 36 percent cap. It also blocks lenders from requiring service members to send a portion of their paychecks. The rule begins taking effect Oct. 1.

Source: Obama Honors Vets in Speech, Orders Flags to Half-Staff – NBC News

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( – UN ship brings food aid to Yemeni port of Aden

Reuters | 21 July, 2015 13:45

Smerdon the spokesman for WFP, called on the warring sides to allow distribution of food aid from the ship and to allow resumption of commercial trade, which he said was the only way to meet Yemen’s food needs. File photo
Image by: KHALED ABDULLAH / Reuters

A ship carrying enough UN food aid to feed 180,000 people for a month docked at the Yemeni port of Aden on Tuesday, having waited for almost four weeks, a World Food Programme spokesman said.

Aden and the other southern provinces of Yemen have been largely inaccessible to U.N. food aid, and around 13 million people – over half the population – are thought to be in a situation of “critical” or “emergency” food insecurity.

“It’s the first WFP chartered ship to berth in the port since the conflict erupted in late March,” spokesman Peter Smerdon said. “We have additional ships chartered which are on standby heading towards Aden carrying more food and fuel.”

Last week WFP negotiated the entry of a convoy of food trucks into Aden province, but said docking a ship was impossible because of fighting raging around the port area.

Since then Yemenis and a Saudi-led coalition fighting against the country’s dominant Houthi militia and its army allies have broken months of stalemate by seizing the airport and then driving the Houthis out of their last redoubt in the west of the city.

Smerdon called on the warring sides to allow distribution of food aid from the ship and to allow resumption of commercial trade, which he said was the only way to meet Yemen’s food needs.

“We (the U.N.) cannot fill that gap,” he said. “That gap can only be filled by the commercial sector being allowed to import food and deliver throughout the country.”

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(Forbes) – Why Gun Sales Boomed In June

Guns are not perishable items. Kept in good repair a firearm lasts generations. So how is it that gun sales continue to set records when more than 100 million American gun owners already have over 300 million guns?

Last month, for example, was the busiest June for gun sales ever. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for firearms manufacturers, says gun dealers completed 886,825 background checks in June 2015. The NSSF follows the FBI-administered National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) closely. Each time someone wants to buy a gun from a licensed dealer their name must be called into the FBI’s NICS database (or, in some cases, a state-operated database) to check if that person is barred from possessing a gun. The NSSF said the number of NICS checks last June was “the highest” on record “for the 17-year-old [NICS] system.” It was an increase of 10.1 percent over June 2014.

Now, some news reports say this jump in sales is all about gun owners’ fears about more gun control coming in the wake of the horrific attack on parishioners on June 17 at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. The thing is this can’t be the whole story because in May 2015 some 918,707 background checks were called into the FBI’s database, making it the second-highest May ever.

For a deeper explanation I contacted Jim Curcuruto, director, industry research & analysis for the NSSF. He said, “Background checks were up over 19 percent in South Carolina, as compared to the previous June, but that one state isn’t enough to make the NICS checks jump 10 percent nationally. So, after making a lot of calls, we found that some of the bump was related to sales and other deals at retail chains. Some percentage of the rise in sales was definitely related to fear of more gun control. There are also typically spikes in sales regionally after something occurs that prompts people to look for ways to protect their own lives. But there has also been a steady rise in gun sales for some time. So there were multiple factors involved.”

Of course, we’re talking about NICS checks here, not actual gun sales. Just because someone undergoes a background check doesn’t mean they necessarily purchased a gun; also, someone could buy multiple guns after a single background check. This is why NICS is seen only as an indicator of the volume of gun sales.

Now, I started by asking why gun sales continue to set records when more than 100 million American gun owners already have over 300 million guns? This probably had a lot of gun aficionados asking, “What, the average gun owner only has three guns?”

Guns, you see, are heirlooms, works of art, and practical tools used for sport, self-defense and hunting. As works of art or tools—or both—guns have a specific purposes. Hunters will have a specific gun or guns for big game, for upland birds, for waterfowl and so on. Those who are into the shooting sports will find their collection expanding as they mature and try new sports. Those looking for self-defense guns will try new carry guns and more as technology and design adds options. As for collectors, well, by definition they just can’t get enough. So it’s actually not all that helpful to compare the number of guns in private hands to the number of gun owners.

Also on Forbes:

Read Source: Why Gun Sales Boomed In June

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(LA Times) – Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes near Fremont – 

>Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes near Fremont, Calif.
A map shows the approximate location of the epicenter of Tuesday morning’s quake near Fremont, Calif. (Bing Maps)
By QUAKEBOT Earthquakes

A shallow magnitude 4.1 earthquake was reported Tuesday morning one mile from Fremont, Calif., according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor occurred at 2:41 a.m. PDT at a depth of 7.5 miles.
According to the USGS, the epicenter was one mile from Union City, four miles from Newark, and seven miles from Fairview.

In the last 10 days, there have been no earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater centered nearby.

This information comes from the USGS Earthquake Notification Service .


Read more about Southern California earthquakes.
Source: Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes near Fremont – LA Times

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(Fox News) – North Korea says it won’t do Iran-style nuclear deal with US

>North Korea’s government said Tuesday that it had no interest in pursuing a nuclear agreement of its own with the U.S. as long as Washington pursued what Pyongyang described as provocative U.S. policies.

The statement from the isolated, totalitarian country’s Foreign Ministry was its first official response to the agreement concluded earlier this month between Iran and six global powers, including the U.S.

The unidentified Foreign Ministry spokesman said the North’s nuclear deterrent was “not a plaything to be put on the negotiating table” in the statement, which was carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. There was no immediate comment form the U.S.

North Korea’s nuclear program is a major regional concern, with the country having conducted atomic weapons tests in 2006, 2009 and 2013. International nuclear disarmament talks have been stalled since early 2009, and outside analysts believe the North has built a small but growing nuclear bomb arsenal.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said North Korea is different from Iran because it already has nuclear weapons. He said the North faces constant military and nuclear threats from the U.S., citing its regular military exercises with South Korea.

On Thursday, U.S. Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman had said that Iran’s compliance with the terms of the agreement, followed by the lifting of sanctions, “might give North Korea second thoughts.”

But Tuesday’s statement said that North Korea “is not interested at all in the dialogue to discuss the issue of making it freeze or dismantle its nukes unilaterally first,” adding that the North “remains unchanged in the mission of its nuclear force as long as the U.S. continues pursuing its hostile policy toward” the country.

In May, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S., South Korea, China, Russia, and Japan were coordinating attempts to engage North Korea in preliminary talks about Pyongyang’s nuclear program. However, officials in Washington and Seoul told the Wall Street Journal that North Korea had not responded to overtures made by the U.S. and South Korea in recent months.

The so-called six-party talks began in 2003 to negotiate for North Korea’s denuclearization in exchange for economic aid and security guarantees. Talks have been stalled since late 2008. Earlier this year, the Journal reported that Chinese experts had warned U.S. officials that North Korea could double the size of its nuclear arsenal by the beginning of next year.

The U.S. stations about 28,500 troops in South Korea as deterrence against potential aggression from North Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.

Under the Iranian nuclear deal reached by Tehran, Washington and others, Iran’s nuclear program will be curbed for a decade in exchange for potentially hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of relief from international sanctions. Many key penalties on the Iranian economy, such as those related to the energy and financial sectors, could be lifted by the end of the year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Click for more from The Wall Street Journal.

Source: North Korea says it won’t do Iran-style nuclear deal with US

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(WPANEWS looks at the Donald Trump website) – Make America Great Again! | Donald J Trump for President


Source: Make America Great Again! | Donald J Trump for President


(WPANEWS looks at the Jeb Bush website) – Jeb Bush for President | The Official Website of Jeb Bush for President

I’m Jeb Bush, and I’m asking for your support.

All in for Jeb

I’m Jeb Bush, and I’m asking for your support.

Mount Washington

Monday, July 20

Should I win this election, you will not find me deferring to the settled ways of “Mount Washington.” The overspending, the overreaching, the arrogance, and the sheer incompetence in that city – these problems have been with us so long that they are sometimes accepted as facts of life…

Let’s Revive Veto Corleone

Monday, July 20

Jeb earned the nickname Veto Corleone because as governor, he vetoed over 2,500 separate line items in the budget.  No one was safe from Jeb’s veto power. If a piece of the legislation was not in the best interest of the people of Florida, it was cut…

Conquering Mount Washington

Sunday, July 19

Jeb refused to go along with the establishment and be another member of the club, and it made all the difference.

Eight years as Governor and 8 years of hard work led to 8 balanced budgets, 8 years of tax cuts, and 8 billion in new reserves…

Silicon Valley Done Right

Friday, July 17

Just over a month after launching his campaign for President, Jeb made a visit to Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world. The visit was fitting for a man some called the “eGovernor.” A man who insisted his blackberry make it into his official portrait. And a man who now wears an Apple Watch to check Twitter throughout the day…

Silicon Valley Favorites

Wednesday, July 15

Jeb will be in Silicon Valley to tour Thumbtack, a company sometimes described as “the biggest startup you’ve never heard of.” Ahead of his visit, we thought we’d ask him about some of his tech-related favorites.

SPOILER: Jeb is the first politician in history to side against apple pie…

Jeb Bush on the Obama Administration’s Nuclear Deal with Iran

Tuesday, July 14

The nuclear agreement announced by the Obama Administration today is a dangerous, deeply flawed, and short sighted deal.

A comprehensive agreement should require Iran to verifiably abandon – not simply delay – its pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability…

Hillary Clinton is Wrong: Americans Want the Opportunity to Work

Thursday, July 9

In America today, more than 6.5 million people are stuck in part-time jobs.  That is 6.5 million people who want a full-time job, but can’t find one in the anemic Obama economy. They are earning $30,000 less than those who are fully employed and they are falling behind…

4 Percent

Thursday, June 25

In his announcement speech, Jeb laid out a plan, an aspiration for 4% economic growth in our country, which would create 19 million jobs in eight years. Immediately he was blasted by the pessimistic, liberal Clinton allies in Washington who said the “new normal” was 2% growth and who don’t believe that America can grow again.

In this video, “4 Percent”, Jeb talks about how – regardless of what the defeatist…

Someone Who’s Done It

Tuesday, July 7

Jeb has never been afraid to make tough decisions. As governor of Florida, he faced many battles and won. He took on the teachers unions, the trial bar and other special interests to upend the status quo and put Floridians first…

INFOGRAPHIC: Florida’s Growth Under Jeb’s Leadership

Tuesday, July 7

Yesterday, Governor Bush wrote about the zombie economy created by the policies of Barack Obama. An economy where, no matter what else happens, most Americans are falling behind. And an economy more Americans believe is getting worse than those who think it’s getting better…

Getting Out Of The Zombie Economy

Monday, July 6

Barack Obama’s policies have given us a zombie economy where no matter what else happens, most Americans are falling behind. Last week we got news that the share of Americans at work or looking for work is at a 38-year low…



Today We Are All Patriots

Saturday, July 4

As you can see, it’s not just the fireworks, food and fun that complete a Fourth of July celebration. It’s the togetherness of community, family, and people from all walks of life uniting as one…

Jeb on the Fourth

Saturday, July 4

Find out what Jeb will be doing to celebrate Independence Day. Hint: It involves bands, floats, food and spending quality time with a certain former president and first lady of the United States. It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that…


Wednesday, July 1

Walk through this South Carolina based high tech company with Jeb as he tours the facility and meets the employees. Like many businesses in this country, Nephron is worried about the future of our country. Despite having world-class products, Nephron is still seeking its permit from the FDA to be able to move forward with commercializing its products. It’s frustrating…

Jeb On The Trail

Monday, June 29

Join Jeb on the trail as he travels to New Hampshire and Iowa, from town halls to the Tonight Show. Keep up with the campaign by going behind the scenes with Jeb as he engages directly with voters and meets people and families from all walks of life…

Henderson Town Hall and Hugs

Monday, June 29

More than 300 Nevadans came out on Saturday morning for the final stop of Jeb’s Announcement Tour. The town hall in Henderson included laughs, hugs and a commitment from Jeb that Nevada would see him a lot over the next 16 months.

And they all learned what happens when you tell Jeb you became a Republican after 50 years as a Democrat…

Statement: Governor Jeb Bush on Today’s Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

Friday, June 26

“Guided by my faith, I believe in traditional marriage.  I believe the Supreme Court should have allowed the states to make this decision.  I also believe that we should love our neighbor and respect others, including those making lifetime commitments.  In a country as diverse as ours, good people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side.  It is now crucial that as a country we protect religious freedom and the right of conscience and also not discriminate.”

This is Not the End of the Fight Against ObamaCare

Thursday, June 25

I was disappointed by last week’s Supreme Court ruling in the King v. Burwell case. But that decision is not the end of the fight against ObamaCare…


Tuesday, June 23

Denisha Merriweather had failed twice by the time she was in the third grade. Her public school was not meeting her needs, but her godmother, Johnell Jones, couldn’t afford a private school…

Behind the Launch

Tuesday, June 23

Go behind-the-scenes with Jeb in the final moments leading up to his presidential announcement at Miami Dade College…

The President Must Prioritize Cybersecurity

Monday, June 22

The United States helped drive the information revolution and created the internet. We benefit tremendously from the open and dynamic architecture of an internet that has become the backbone of global communication and commerce…


Monday, June 15

I am a candidate for President of the United States. We will take command of our future once again in this country. I know we can fix this. Because I’ve done it.


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(WPANEWS looks at the Hillary Clinton website) – Hillary for America starts right here | Hillary for America


    Hillary’s economic plan: raise middle class incomes

    In a speech in New York, Hillary laid out her vision for a strong, growing economy that works for everyone.


    “We should make it easier to vote.”

    During a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston, Hillary Clinton called for expanding Americans’ voting rights while decrying Republican efforts to restrict them.


    “I will fight for comprehensive immigration reform.”

    At a roundtable discussion at Rancho High School in Nevada, Hillary Clinton had a conversation with DREAMers about her commitment to fighting for young people and their families.


    Hillary in SC: When families are strong, America is strong.

    Hillary makes the case for equal pay.

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(reuters) – General jihadist propaganda may have inspired Tennessee gunman: source

General jihadist propaganda on the Internet may have inspired Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, the man accused of killing five servicemen in Tennessee on Thursday before being shot dead himself, a source

General jihadist propaganda on the Internet may have inspired

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, the man accused of killing five servicemen in Tennessee on Thursday before being shot dead himself, a source close to the investigation said on Monday.

The source, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive information, told Reuters that authorities had not established a direct link between Abdulazeez and specific groups such as Islamic State.

The attack is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

Abdulazeez had drug abuse problems and was worried about debt according to his family and a diary he left behind, ABC News reported on Monday, citing a family representative.

Close friends told Reuters previously that the suspected shooter drank alcohol and smoked marijuana, had received treatment for drug problems, and struggled to reconcile those habits with his Islamic beliefs. His family said in a statement at the weekend that he suffered from depression.

Abdulazeez, a Kuwaiti-born naturalized U.S. citizen, was killed in a gunfight with police on Thursday after he sprayed gunfire at a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, then drove to a nearby Naval Reserve Center where he shot and killed four Marines. Three people were wounded, including a sailor who died on Saturday.

The shooting follows a series of attacks, or thwarted attacks, in the United States and other countries by Muslims claiming to be inspired by Islamic State or other militant groups.

U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday they will examine possible shortcomings in law enforcement or intelligence in the case, which highlighted growing concern about possible Internet-based directives from Islamic State leaders in Syria.

Abdulazeez, an engineer, wrote about having suicidal thoughts and “becoming a martyr” as far back as 2013 after losing his job due to drug use, both prescription and non-prescription, the family representative told ABC news.

ABC did not name the family contact, who said Abdulazeez abused sleeping pills, opioids, painkillers, marijuana and alcohol.

ABC said that Abdulazeez was taking sleeping pills to deal with an overnight shift at work, and was considering filing for bankruptcy because he was thousands of dollars in debt.

(Reporting by Fiona Ortiz in Chicago and Mark Hosenball in Washington; Editing by Peter Galloway and James Dalgleish)

Source: General jihadist propaganda may have inspired Tennessee gunman: source


CBS News, July 20, 2015 – CBS News

CBS News, July 20, 2015

U.S. – Cuba

As Cuba and the U.S. officially resume diplomatic relations for the first time in 54 years, a CBS News Poll shows 58 percent of Americans favor re-establishing diplomatic ties between the two countries, while just 24 percent oppose it. But the poll shows the support for normalization varies greatly when the respondents’ parties are considered.

Bridge collapse

An elevated section of Interstate 10 collapsed yesterday amid heavy rains in the California desert, injuring one driver, stranding many others, and halting travel for thousands by cutting off both directions of a main corridor between Southern California and Arizona. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports interstate 10 is closed completely and indefinitely.

Chattanooga shooting

Federal investigators say they’ve received hundreds of leads, but are still trying to figure out why Chattanooga gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire on two military sites in Tennessee last week. A source close to the family tells CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan Abdulazeez’s parents encouraged his seven-month trip to Jordan last year because they hoped visiting relatives there would help him recover from what they say was his state of depression. A government source tells CBS News Abdulazeez did not travel outside Jordan during that visit, and did not go to Iraq or Syria to fight or train with ISIS.

Trump factor

After Donald Trump’s comments about Sen. John McCain, the majority of the Republican presidential contenders immediately shot out sharp statements leaping to McCain’s defense. But, based on the diverse, noncommittal opinions of a gathering of Republican voters in Ames, Iowa, it is hard to tell if Iowa voters will turn on “The Donald” over his comments.

Campaign trail selfies

Meeting a presidential candidate is a dream for some voters. Getting a photo with a politician can be tougher. But, CBS News correspondent Julianna Goldman reports, two New Hampshire sisters who are not even old enough to vote are headed for a landslide victory with a mission to snap a selfie with every potential presidential candidate.

Dodd – Frank at five

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the U.S. undertook the most comprehensive overhaul of its financial sector since the Great Depression. The “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” aimed to strengthen the nation’s financial system, preclude another bank bailout by taxpayers, and protect consumers from the kinds of rapacious lending and investment practices that shook the American economy to its core. Is Dodd-Frank, which President Obama signed into law on July 21, 2010, working?

Summer sound

For half a century, Beach Boys songs like “Fun, Fun, Fun” have promised unending summers of fun in the sun — not at all like the life founding Beach Boy Brian Wilson actually led for many years, as Anthony Mason tells us.

Shark attack

Defending world champion Mick Fanning learned the hard way that a surfer’s paradise can — in the blink of an eye — become anything but. Yesterday, at the finals of the World Surf League competition in South Africa, the Australian was attacked by a shark, and it was captured live on TV. CBS News correspondent Debora Patta spoke to Fanning about the close call.

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Source: CBS News, July 20, 2015 – CBS News

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(Profit Confidential) – Billionaire George Soros’ Top 3 Stock Picks

By Milad Marvasti • Monday, July 20, 2015
As of March 31, 2015, funds at Soros Fund Management, owned by George Soros, were valued at $10.0 billion. During the quarter, Soros Fund Management had 212 total holdings.

Let’s take a closer look at how these three stocks are positioned in the Soros’s portfolio and how they have performed over the last few months.General Motors Company (NYSE/GM)The giant automaker has a current yield of 4.6%, paying a quarterly dividend of 36 cents a share. General Motors Company (NYSE/GM) nearly comprised two percent of Soros’s portfolio as of March 31, 2015. (Source: GM, last accessed July 15, 2015.)In the first quarter of 2015, net income was attributable to common shareholders of $0.9 billion compared to $0.1 billion in the first quarter of 2014. Net revenue in the first quarter of 2015 was $35.7 billion, compared to $37.4 billion in the first quarter of 2014.You may be bored to read these numbers, but they suggest a bright outlook for the company. Although GM’s stock price changed little since the beginning of the 2015, evidence suggests we may see an increase in share prices in the next few months.Adecoagro S.A. (NYSE/AGRO)Adecoagro S.A. (NYSE/AGRO) is one of the leading agricultural companies in South America. The company deals in crops, rice, dairy, coffee, cattle, sugar, and other agricultural products. (Source: Adecoagro , last accessed July 15, 2015.)Adecoagro is one of Soros’ favorite stocks, holding up about four percent of his portfolio. This is a great under-the-radar stock. Many analysts expect growth in revenue, compelling growth in net income, and good cash flow from operations.On the latest earnings, Adecoagro reported net first-quarter income of $13.8 million—$11.2 million higher than in the same period last year. Hence, the company’s stock price rose 18% this year.Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ/CY)Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ/CY) is one of the latest disclosed equity positions for the Soros fund. This would indicate that the legendary hedge fund manager is confident and optimistic in the future of the company.All said; Cypress Semiconductor comprised 2.1% of Soros’ total portfolio. According to the most recently reported quarter, Soros increased his stake in the stock by 361.1% to 13.2 million shares.Cypress Semiconductor delivers high-performance, high-quality solutions at the heart of today’s most advanced embedded systems; from automotive, industrial, and networking platforms to highly interactive consumer and mobile devices. (Source: Cypress Semiconductor, last accessed July 15, 2015.)The company’s stocks rose roughly 13% this year. It’s currently trading at $11.68 per share. The company has a 3.4% dividend yield and pays a quarterly dividend of 11 cents per share.

Bottom line; George Soros is believed to be one of the greatest hedge fund managers of all time. His portfolio has grown significantly over the years. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to peek over his shoulder for inspiration on some of the best investments. GM, Adecoagro, and Cypress Semiconductor are among his beloved stocks.

Source: Billionaire George Soros’ Top 3 Stock Picks

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(Washington Post) – California is now flooding, burning and having a drought at the same time

A California Highway Patrol officer and a passer-by assist a stranded motorist in the flooded 14th Street underpass in Riverside, Calif., following a brief downpour Sunday, July 19, 2015. (David Bauman/The Press-Enterprise via AP)

Amid California’s historic drought, an even rarer weekend downpour that calmed wildfires also washed away a 30-foot bridge that carries commuters to Arizona.

An elevated area on Interstate 10 collapsed early Sunday evening near Southeastern California’s Desert Center, leaving a pickup truck trapped underneath. Firefighters launched a cut and rescue operation and the driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries, authorities told the Associated Press. California Highway Patrol have since stopped eastbound traffic near Joshua Tree National Park, a roadway from Palm Springs to the Arizona border.

Ezekiel Ekinaka, 1, with his parents Aaron and Juliet, wears a raincoat as he experiences rain for the second time in his life, at the San Clemente, Calif. (Mindy Schauer/The Orange County Register via AP)
Drivers were stranded for miles, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We are so stuck out here,” 53-year-old commuter Pamala Browne told the AP Sunday evening. “There’s no end to the cars that are stuck out here.”

The two-day rainstorm in southern and central California brought flash floods, thunder and lightning along the state’s drought-stricken breaches, forcing authorities to close a 70-mile stretch over the weekend.

Beachgoers were warned about strong surf and rip currents and swimmers were urged to steer clear of storm drainage flowing in the sea.

In this photo provided by the CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department, emergency crews respond after a pickup truck crashed into the collapse of an elevated section of Interstate 10, Sunday, July 19, 2015, in Desert Center, Calif. (Chief Geoff Pemberton/CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire via AP)
Many Southern California residents were without power Sunday afternoon.

Outdoor concerts were canceled. The San Diego Padres had to postpone Sunday’s game and the Los Angeles had its first rainout in two decades.

By Sunday night, the rainstorm had caused a debris flow that trapped several residents in Silverado Canyon near the Santa Ana Mountains.

“We had a pretty significant mud and debris flow that went into the creek and then across Silverado Canyon Road, making the road impassable,” Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Steve Concialdi told the Los Angeles Times. “We had a 1,000-acre brush fire back in September, so we have a pretty large burn scar,” he added. “So when we do have significant rain, that mud and debris come downhill toward the road, toward homes.”

Though Concialdi told the newspaper no homes were in danger.

The rainfall broke records in at least 11 areas, including Los Angeles and San Diego, for July, which is typically considered Southern California’s driest month.

“It looks like there’s a good chance the monthly record is going to go up,” National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Sirard said. “Really, this is super historic.”

On Saturday, Los Angeles, for instance, got 0.36 inches of rain, which beat its record on July 14, 1886, when it got 0.24 inches, Sirard told the Associated Press.

National Weather Service forecaster David Sweet told the Los Angeles Times that Los Angeles, in particular, is feeling the aftereffects of tropical storm Dolores.

The weekend rain did help contain several California wildfires, including Friday’s 3,500-acre blaze that crawled through Cajon Pass and jumped across Interstate 15, forcing commuters to flee their vehicles. The flames destroyed 20 cars before 40 MPH winds carried it to a nearby community called Baldy Mesa, where it torched seven homes and 44 more vehicles, authorities told the AP.

A vehicle proceeds slowly through water covering a road following a brief downpour in northwest Moreno Valley, Calif, Sunday, July 19, 2015. (John Bender/The Press-Enterprise via AP)
“People were screaming,” Russell Allevato, who was on vacation from Michigan with his family, told CBS San Francisco over the weekend. “It was just crazy.”

“We were surrounded by flames,” he said. “They were to the left, then in front of us and they came around to the right. We were in a big horseshoe in the middle.”

Firefighters worked to beat the blaze as light rain help them to gain ground.

“It’s pretty much burnt desert,” witness Keishawna Williams told the station.

Two people suffered minor smoke inhalation, authorities told the AP.

U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman Lyn Sieliet told the Los Angeles Times the rainstorm could become blessing or curse as fire remnants continue to smolder.

“If it brings wind and lightning, it could make things more difficult for us,” she said. “But if it brings light, steady rain, that’s going to be the best-case scenario.”

Officials said the showers are expected to continue through Monday.

Lindsey Bever is a national news reporter for The Washington Post. She writes for the Morning Mix news blog. Tweet her: @lindseybever

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