National Lemonade Day – May 1st


Join your community in celebrating National Lemonade Day! Participating cities will have the chance to teach youth about setting up their own lemonade stand and running their own company. It’s a great way to meet people in your city, sip on a refreshing beverage and put your money to a good cause.


The use of lemonade dates as far back as ancient Egypt and has rooted its own beginnings all over the world. However, the concept for Lemonade Day was created when founder, Michael Holthouse’s daughter, Lissa, wanted to add a turtle to her pet collection. With so many pets already in the house, Michael said no.  Dedicated and determined, Lissa decided she would open a lemonade stand to raise money to buy her own turtle, and asked her dad for help.

This brilliant and empowered idea gave founder, Michael Holthouse the inspiration for the National Lemonade Day Campaign. He wanted to give more children the opportunity to learn business skills, responsibility, financial literacy, goal setting, and team-work just like Lissa. Giving children across the U.S. lessons that could carry all the way to their future. More than any pop album, or hip-hop song, this day is not just about fun and enjoying delicious lemonade, it’s about providing confidence to our youth and teaching them basic business skills — but listening to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” at the same time doesn’t hurt. Giving our youth an entrepreneur’s spirit at an early age has an incredibly positive impact on their success in the future, and when our children are successful, the world is successful! So let’s slice-up some lemons and get to stirring up some learning!

Source: National Lemonade Day

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