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PITTSBURGH — Police are investigating after a Pittsburgh man was captured on home surveillance footage stealing packages off front porches and replacing them with empty boxes.

“He just dropped, swapped and dipped,” said Rose Nyland of Brookline.

Rose Nyland’s blood pressure skyrockets when she reviews her home surveillance video of a porch pirate in action.

Wearing a mask, gloves, and hooded sweatshirt, the suspect casually walks up to the front porch of her Woodbourne Avenue home with another box.

He then takes an empty package, swaps it out for the package that was just delivered, acts like he’s taking a picture of the fake delivery and then casually walks off.

“Tah dah! A whole lotta nothing. Some packing material!” said Nyland.

Nyland says he got away with clothes for her fiancé worth hundreds of dollars.

After he hit this neighborhood, he traveled to Dormont Avenue in Dormont and stole more packages.

Investigators told Channel 11 he then went to Overbrook and took off with items there.

Nyland says she’s furious, but she is hopeful police will find him soon with the series of neighborhood cameras out there and active social media groups reposting his image.

“Within seconds, somebody was like ‘ugh yeah this literally just happened in the Overbook group’ and then they sent screenshots,” said Nyland.

Pittsburgh Public Safety is encouraging residents to file reports if they have a package stolen.

Source: Pittsburgh police searching for suspected porch pirate – WPXI

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