Uber driver killed: Criminal complaint details what led to arrest of Penn Hills man

Twenty-two-year-old Calvin Crew has been charged with homicide in the death of 38-year-old Christina Spicuzza of Turtle Creek.

Spicuzza was reported missing by family members after they didn’t hear from her while she was working as an Uber driver.

Police found her body in a wooded area in Monroeville on Saturday afternoon. On Feb. 13, police said an autopsy was performed on Spicuzza and it was determined that Spicuzza died from a single gunshot wound that entered her head on the back left side. The cause of death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was homicide.

According to the criminal complaint, she was found lying face down and was wearing a COVID-19 face mask. Police said one 9mm casing was found behind her.

While on scene, investigators learned that she was reported missing by her boyfriend on Feb. 11. She was working as an Uber driver on Feb. 10 when he had last heard from her.

Investigators also learned that her car was found earlier that day in Pitcairn.

While interviewing Spicuzza’s boyfriend, the criminal complaint said he told officers that he had purchased a dash camera for Spicuzza and it is normally inside her vehicle.

Police said when they searched her vehicle, the camera was not in its usual place.

Police then contacted Uber to obtain trip information for Spicuzza. It was learned that her last completed trip began at 9 p.m. on Feb. 10 from Brinton Road.

On Feb. 12, police said they were contacted by a person who was working along the railroad tracks beneath the TriBoro Expressway. The person found a pink cellphone with a cracked screen. The phone was determined to be Spicuzza’s.

Police then checked license plate readers for Spicuzza’s license plate numbers and found several “hits,” with someone along the TriBoro Expressway.

Detectives were then able to download Spicuzza’s cellphone and learn the locations she traveled. They also were able to find out when her phone stopped tracking new locations.

On Feb. 14, detectives in Penn Hills contacted a woman, later identified as Crew’s girlfriend, and asked to speak with her. When she arrived at the Penn Hills police station, she was with her boyfriend Calvin Crew.

The criminal complaint said Crew’s girlfriend told detectives that she was in Swissvale on Feb. 10 when she got a call from Crew asking her to order an Uber for him. She said Crew gave her an address to enter into the ride request.

In another interview with Crew’s girlfriend, police said she told them she purchased a 9 mm gun at a store in McKeesport and it went missing. She said she never reported the gun missing/stolen.

The criminal complaint also said she told investigators that she had a feeling that Crew had her gun because he was the only person around her. When police went to retrieve the gun box and paperwork from her home, both were missing.

During an interview with Crew, police said he told them he got out of the Uber after the trip was completed then walked to the bus station in Wilkinsburg and took the Trafford bus to Pitcairn.

Police later reviewed the surveillance camera from the bus station and did not see anyone matching Crew’s description.

On Thursday, Feb. 17 detectives were canvassing an area in Penn Hills when a detective found the dash camera that was missing from Spicuzza’s vehicle.

The camera was found .1 mile from where Crew requested the Uber, police said.

A mini-SD card was found inside the camera and police were able to view the footage from the card.

The video recorded from the front and rear of the camera and also records audio from inside of the vehicle.

This evidence resulted in Crew being charged with criminal homicide, robbery and tampering with evidence.

Source: Uber driver killed: Criminal complaint details what led to arrest of Penn Hills man

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