SUV crashes through wall at Oakmont Bakery

An SUV barreled through a wall of Oakmont Bakery early Saturday morning, sending workers inside scrambling.

Just after midnight, crews were assessing the damage from silver Ford, which hit the building right under a bakery sign on Sweet Street.

People were working inside at the time, making donuts. One employee, who was five feet from where the SUV came through, also said he feared a few of his coworkers died after they were covered by debris.

However, he was able to get them out, and said none of them were injured.

“I knew three of our guys were down where the debris came down,” Jared Glaser, a bakery employee, said. “So I just ran over started tearing it all out, screamed their names and they didn’t answer me. So I kind of turned into the Hulk. My adrenaline rush went through the roof.”

Dispatchers said crews took one person to the hospital. There was no word what caused the crash.

Source: SUV crashes through wall at Oakmont Bakery

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