Netflix picks up NBC’s ‘Manifest’ for fourth season

Netflix picked up “Manifest” from NBC after the show was canceled. The fourth season will feature 20 episodes, the most of any season so far.

The streamer has also announced that this upcoming new season will consist of 20 episodes, which is more than any one season received on NBC. (The first consisted of 16 episodes, while the second and third consisted of 13 episodes each.) Whether all 20 are released at once or in multiple parts was not announced.

“Manifest” follows various passengers from fictional flight Montego Air 828 who experience a severe bout of turbulence while flying from Jamaica to New York City, only when they land, they learn that five and a half years actually passed — and they have returned with the special ability to see glimpses of events to come.

Source: Netflix picks up NBC’s ‘Manifest’ for fourth season

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