Police: Johnstown man holds loaded gun to woman’s throat during assault

CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Johnstown man is facing assault charges after police were told he held a loaded gun to his girlfriend’s throat and tried to shove it in her mouth.

Johnstown police were informed that Travis Williams, 29, and his girlfriend were fighting Aug. 10 at the 100 block of Harshberger Road, according to charges filed.

When police arrived, they found a 9mm bullet on the floor near William’s feet, and the woman had noticeable injuries on her neck, face and chest. Police also noted she appeared to be in shock and scared as Williams continued to yell at her.

Williams told police he did hit his girlfriend and that a gun was involved, which was located in the front closet.

Williams then said to police that they “don’t scare him,” and when they tried to arrest him, he lunged toward the closet where the gun was located, police noted in the charges. Officers continued to fight with Williams to keep him away from the closet, and they eventually managed to arrest him after tasing him.

Police note that as they were taking Williams to the patrol car, he was “passively resisting” and dropped his body in dog feces because he didn’t want to walk in the grass without his shoes on.

Once Williams was put into the car, police spoke to his girlfriend.

The girlfriend explained to police that she came home, and she feared Williams might’ve been there and would attack her, so she came with a loaded 380 Auto Ruger handgun to protect herself, the affidavit notes.

As she walked around the corner of the bedroom, Williams began to attack her and took the gun.

The woman said he continued hitting her. He then placed her handgun to her throat while she was on the floor, and he tried to force her mouth open to shove the gun in her mouth

“This one isn’t going to be good enough,” Williams had allegedly said to her before grabbing the 9mm Ruger handgun, to which he then held to her head.

Source: Police: Johnstown man holds loaded gun to woman’s throat during assault

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