The Dirt Piles on Bill Gates Following Divorce Announcement

In the wake of Bill and Melinda Gates’s divorce announcement earlier this month, several reports have emerged detailing the dissatisfaction in their soon-to-be-dissolved union. While many billionaire couples face problems surrounding fidelity and arguments over who is in their cohort, the tiffs between Mr. and Mrs. Microsoft boiled down to a very specific version of those anxieties: Bill Gates’s connections to Jeffrey Epstein. According to reporting earlier this month in People, the Daily Beast, and the Wall Street Journal, the pair argued on several occasions over the computing giant’s connections to the convicted sex offender, to the point that Melinda Gates reportedly began speaking to divorce lawyers in 2019, just after her husband’s ties to Epstein became public.

On Sunday night, another volley of reporting on Gates’s alleged behavior was published, including several details on the Microsoft co-founder’s improprieties at work.

Source: The Dirt Piles on Bill Gates Following Divorce Announcement

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