Joe Biden is meeting the cold reality of office – CNN

(CNN)After weeks of working out what he’d been left by his predecessor, US President Joe Biden has finally put his foreign policy into overdrive. Simultaneously striking in several capitals, his plans are in play and can’t be taken back.

Early results are mixed — predictable perhaps — but nevertheless a reality check on Biden’s diplomacy now it is out on the open road.
Since getting into office, Biden has been shifting up the foreign policy gears, pausing, analyzing before implementing campaign promises.
This week there was a troop pullout in Afghanistansanctions on Russians, and a major engagement with China on climate control.
Allies in Kabul, adversaries in Moscow, and putative climate partners in Beijing all got to kick the tires on Biden’s plans. Saudi Arabia and Iran have already road tested his policies and the results are rocky.
Bold campaign rhetoric in the past few months, like Saudi Arabia to be treated like a “pariah,” and Putin to “pay a price” for election interference, have been given teeth.

Source: Joe Biden is meeting the cold reality of office – CNN