Mayor Peduto responds to call to end traffic stops

A call for police departments in southwestern Pennsylvania to end traffic stops has gotten the attention of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto.

In its quest to eliminate police shootings of unarmed Black men during “routine” traffic stops, the Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) released a letter detailing 14 moving violations that police should bypass on patrol.

In the letter, those violations, operating with expired tags, running red lights, stop signs, speeding and not yielding for pedestrians.

Peduto says his administration is reviewing the letter.

“I think that there is probably a way to incorporate some of what he is talking about into policy and planning with police,” Peduto said.

However, Peduto stopped short of saying he endorses all demands listed in the BPEP letter.

“We look forward to working with B-PEP and the NAACP on reform in policing in Pittsburgh,” Peduto said.

Source: Mayor Peduto responds to call to end traffic stops