Derek Chauvin jurors dismissed over $27M George Floyd settlement

he murder trial of ex-cop Derek Chauvin in George Floyd’s death hit a new snag Wednesday when a Minneapolis judge was forced to dismiss two jurors who had already been seated in the high-profile case.

Hennepin District Judge Peter Cahill questioned the seven jurors who had been seated before news broke of a $27 million settlement of a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by Floyd’s family — and determined that two of the panelists could no longer be impartial.

“It will impact it a lot,” one juror, identified as Juror 36, told Cahill on Wednesday morning.

“So, last time I was asked about my strong opinions about Chauvin,” he told the judge. “Clearly, the city of Minneapolis has some strong opinions as well. And this kind of confirms my opinions that I already had.”

The second juror, Juror 20, conceded that the amount of the settlement “shocked me” and “kind of swayed me a little.”

Only two of the seven said they had not heard of the settlement, and three others said they knew of it but it had not changed their opinion of the case.

Source: Derek Chauvin jurors dismissed over $27M George Floyd settlement