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(CNN)President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order Sunday expanding voting access in what the White House calls “an initial step in this Administration’s efforts to protect the right to vote and ensure all eligible citizens can freely participate in the electoral process.”

The move comes just three days after the House of Representatives passed HR1, a sweeping ethics and election package aimed at ensuring voting rights, with provisions expanding early and mail-in voting, restoring voting rights to former felons, and easing voter registration for eligible Americans.

Sunday’s order directs the heads of all federal agencies to submit proposals for their respective agencies to promote voter registration and participation within 200 days, while assisting states in voter registration under the National Voter Registration Act. In addition, the order would instruct the General Services Administration to modernize the federal government’s portal.”

The President’s commitment to democracy includes making it easier and more equitable for all eligible Americans to exercise their fundamental right to vote,” an administration official told reporters Saturday, adding Sunday’s executive order would “leverage the resources of the federal government to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote, and to learn about and participate in the electoral process.”

Source: Biden to sign executive order expanding voting access – CNNPolitics

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