Employees raising money for co-workers impacted by South Side fire

Employees at Ocean Treasures in the North Hills are raising money to help their co-workers following a four-alarm fire in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood on Monday.

General manager Jennifer Butler told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 that Willis Hurt and Evan Russell learned about the fire while at work on Monday. They had just moved into the building in January, according to Butler.

“They’re in better spirits today and you know I’ve told them we started the GoFundMe so that we can try to do more,” she said. “If one of us is in need of something then we need to be there to help each other.”

Click here for the GoFundMe page.

Butler organized the page. She shared their story and listed what they need.

Two of my employees lost everything in the fire on East Carson Street on 2/8/2021. All they have are the clothes on their back. We are looking to raise money to help them get back on their feet and start over again. Anything will help. They had just moved in a month before the fire. They need clothes, shoes, furniture, a new place, and more if you are not able to donate money and would like to donate in other ways please contact us. They just moved in 1 month to the day of the fire. They are originally from Ohio and have no family in the area. We are a small family owned and operated business in Pittsburgh. If you have any other questions please contact one of our Ocean Treasures Stores in either Ross Twp or Wilkins Twp.

The goal is $5,000.

On Tuesday, crews worked to tear down the more than 150-year-old building brick-by-brick.

Source: Employees raising money for co-workers impacted by South Side fire