Gutfeld on the media going easy on President Biden | Fox News

This weekend, we learned two important things from the White House and their enablist media.

First, Joe’s favorite flavor of ice cream:

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Jen Psaki: When I was in Wilmington before the president was inaugurated, I did ask him for my four-year-old niece Suraya – who was very curious about what his favorite ice cream was – and his favorite ice cream was chocolate chip. So that is my update for all of you on that. But I have not found the freezer.

And, second, we also learned what Hunter Biden had for breakfast.  (Hint: bagels)


Can’t wait for the daily report on regularity. I hope they’re both getting enough fiber!

But isn’t it adorable how fast and obvious the media can change the rules?

No stranger to ice cream or bagels, CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter asks this question, “Is President Biden making news boring again?”

The answer is no. You are.

Meaning, you pretend that real news isn’t happening under Joe. Unless you think “news” is your latest complimentary cliche.

After a week in which we saw the white house banish the national guard to a parking lot, the obliviousness toward the ANTIFA riots, the lies about Trump not leaving a vaccine plan, a moratorium on natural gas and drilling … We get ice cream and bagels.

Source: Gutfeld on the media going easy on President Biden | Fox News

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