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With the increased availability of 24-hour news from a variety of outlets, and the rise of social media and “fake news,” there is no shortage of ways to consume news. We work hand-in-hand with the media in the field of public relations, so it’s paramount that we stay on top of current trends through reliable news sources.

Like many, I grew up watching the local news with my parents every night, scanning the newspaper (oftentimes the comics) with my dad on Saturday mornings and discussing recent headlines at the family dinner table. Growing a passion for keeping up with current events, I naturally gravitated towards an industry driven by the news.

As PR practitioners, it’s our responsibility to stay informed on global, national and local happenings and identify how these trends impact our clients or their industries. Since we are constantly identifying opportunities to build trust and client rapport through the media, we must create a natural pulse on digesting and analyzing credible news.

But where do public relations practitioners get their news? The short answer is everywhere.

We are constantly on the go, but that can’t be an excuse for not keeping up with industry and market news. Thankfully, we have more ways than ever to access it. From social media, local community newspapers and iPhone apps, to witty e-newsletters, online outlets and video – we have a variety of trusted, go-to news outlets that provide a well-rounded perspective, even when we are running 90-nothing.

Source: Where do you get your news? — Peritus Public Relations

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