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(CNN)State judges in Arizona and Pennsylvania and a federal judge in Georgia rejected election-related lawsuits Thursday from Republicans and the Trump campaign.

The hat trick of losses were the latest round of defeats for the Trump campaign in its long-shot and increasingly far-fetched bid to block President-elect Joe Biden’s win before the Electoral College certifies him as the next president.
One of the judges, a Trump appointee in Georgia, called the attempt by Republican-allied lawyers to block election results “quite striking,” refusing their attempt to stop Biden’s win there.
In Arizona, a state judge declined to audit votes in the state and delay the finalization of results, saying the lawsuit couldn’t be retooled and brought again. And in Pennsylvania, a state judge ordered the counting of more than absentee 2,000 ballots the Trump campaign wanted to exclude.
The rulings came with only a few hours between them on Thursday.
Losses for the Trump campaign have piled up on other recent days, including when nine cases from the Trump campaign or his allies were either denied or pulled last Friday, and when Trump-supporting voters dropped four lawsuits pushing fraud claims earlier this week.
Despite pledges by Trump campaign attorneys — including Rudy Giuliani — to continue the fight, nearly no viable post-election cases remain for the Trump campaign that could deprive Biden of the electoral votes to become president. Legal analysts have widely said Trump’s bids in court to change the election results will all fail.
One federal lawsuit now spearheaded by Giuliani lingers in Pennsylvania, but the judge who is considering it expressed skepticism on Tuesday that the commonwealth’s presidential vote should be discarded.

Source: Judges toss Republican lawsuits in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia – CNNPolitics

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