Wendy Bell no longer is affiliated with KDKA-Radio but where will she turn up next? Opinion: 

Wendy Bell no longer is affiliated with KDKA-Radio, an Entercom spokesman said Friday night.

The announcement follows her removal from the air in early September after she suggested on her show that park rangers should “shoot on sight” people vandalizing public monuments.

Entercom, which owns the radio station, said both it and Ms. Bell had mutually agreed to part ways.

In a video segment of her live show, which was posted June 26 to her “Wendy Bell Radio” Facebook page, Ms. Bell said: “My easy solution for the park rangers and hopefully snipers who are going to be watching for this is to shoot on sight. Shoot, done. No more messing with monuments. You want to mess with a monument? Done, get out.”

The question is: where will Wendy Bell show up next? Controversial comments like Bell puts out make people take notice of important issues.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have ripped each other apart with controversial comments in the hopes of getting the public to go their way.  But the voters decide that issue rather than what a large corporation did in Wendy Bell’s case.

Ms. Bell was fired from WTAE-TV in 2016 after 18 years when she made comments deemed racist on her official Facebook page following a mass shooting in Wilkinsburg in which five adults and an unborn child were killed during a backyard cookout. Ms. Bell began working for KDKA-Radio in January 2019.

Wendy Bell’s website tells us:

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Source: Wendy Bell officially no longer with KDKA-Radio | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Source: wendybell.com/

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