Summer Camps May Be Canceled Due To Coronavirus : NPR

Summer camps are mulling their options for keeping kids and counselors safe amid the coronavirus crisis — or whether it’s just not possible.

Summer camps around the nation are grappling with whether or how they can open this summer, as the pandemic continues. The prospect is especially challenging for overnight camps, where hundreds of kids play, eat and sleep together, and the very idea of social distancing is completely anathema to the camp experience.

Little wonder a growing number of sleepaway camps have already capitulated to COVID-19.

“The cancellation of camp this summer is profoundly disappointing for all of us after what already feels like an eternity of frustration and uncertainty,” wrote Shannon Donovan-Monti, executive director at Chimney Corners Camp in Western Massachusetts, in an email to parents this week. “There are no words that can take away the heartbreak of depriving our children and ourselves of something that has given us such joy and connection to others.”

Source: Summer Camps May Be Canceled Due To Coronavirus : NPR

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