Is Bill Gates Really the Great Guy You Think He Is?

Bill Gates has emerged through the coronavirus rubble as a prophet and savior, but is he even a good person?

Is it possible to be a bad man when you give billions of dollars in charity? Let’s take a deeper look at the enigma that is Bill Gates.

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Bill Gates has taken on the aura of a prophet since the coronavirus pandemic began. It seemed like he warned of this exact problem years before it happened. He and Melinda pledged to donate a whopping $100 million to coronavirus relief efforts.

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He’s also generally acted as a guru to guide us through this time.

Bill Gates gives away massive amounts of money, he lifts the downtrodden, and he works diligently to treat and cure disease. What’s not to like? More than you might think.

The Case Against Bill Gates

While his charitable donations are undeniable, Bill Gates has some red flags hiding in those deep pockets.

First, those vaccines that he so generously helps develop are shrouded in controversy.

The BMGF, and several partners, have been accused of testing these vaccines on people in third-world and lightly-regulated countries. These experiments have allegedly been given without consent and resulted in deaths.

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Right-wing provocateur Candace Owens takes a shot at Bill Gates. | Source: Twitter

One report from Golden University School of Law notes:

All of these programs resulted in numerous deaths and injuries

Source: Is Bill Gates Really the Great Guy You Think He Is?

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