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We’ve put together a roundup of virtual fitness options from locally owned small businesses.

Although their physical locations are closed, many locally-owned fitness studios are offering online classes via Instagram, Facebook and other sources. While some have online memberships, other studios are asking for donations. Either way, you’ll be supporting a small business through unchartered territory.

With that in mind, here’s our roundup of online options.

This is an evolving list, so if you know of a local business offering virtual classes, give us a head’s up and we’ll add it.

It’s also worth noting that although there is a stay-at-home mandate in place for Allegheny County, residents are still welcome to take a walk, go to the park or visit other green spaces to take in a breath of fresh air with their fitness. Just, you know, stay a respectable distance from each other, OK?

1.1 Yoga
The Garfield-based yoga studio is offering online classes on its website under the tab “1.1 at Home.” Users may subscribe for $20 per month or rent individual classes for $5 each. “Either way, you’ll be helping keep a small business alive in these scary times, and get to move and breathe while doing it,” a note on the 1.1 website says.

Located Downtown, Altus-HPO has online classes through its mobile app. “During this time of need everybody needs to do their part to help where they can,” a message on the website says. “We’re really good at coaching people towards getting real results so that’s how we figured we can help.” The first two weeks of classes are free. Users can sign up on the Altus-HPO website.

Amazing Yoga
The yoga studio — which has locations in Wexford, Shadyside, Oakmont and the South Side — is offering practitioners a free 14-day trial of online classes, which include power flow sessions, meditation and “short and sassy” 30-minute classes. Sign up on the Amazing Yoga website.

Amarah Studio and Boutique
The fitness studio and retail shop in Brookline is hosting virtual pay-what-you-can, donation-based classes for practitioners. You also can still shop Amarah’s selection of purses, trays, jewelry and other accessories through its online shop. Items may be shipped or you can schedule a local pickup or delivery.

California Cycle Path
The North Side-based studio — which offers indoor cycling, rowing, dance fitness and more — is hosting virtual classes on Instagram and Facebook live. “The Workout of Shame – 10,000 meters same clothes as last night, hair not did, teeth not brushed, this is me!!!,” said one comical Instagram post from owner John Bratton after a home-based rowing session.

Dragonfly Pilates
The Pilates studio — which has locations in Shadyside and Murrysville — is offering virtual face-to-face classes where students can receive correction and feedback from instructors. Students will need to set up a camera and tripod. Class size is limited to four to allow for individual instruction from the instructor. Dragonfly Pilates home kits, which include bands and balls, also are available for $25.

Elevate Fusion Fitness
The Strip District-based fitness studio, which offers versa-climbing classes and boxing as well as full-body classes, is hosting virtual classes on Instagram Live. Visit Elevate’s Instagram page for a schedule of upcoming classes.

Source: Get Fit During the Pandemic: Local Studios Offer Online Classes | Pittsburgh Magazine


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