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Bernie Sanders, the clear front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, was asked over the weekend how much his various plans would cost if implemented. He didn’t know.

“Experts estimate that Sanders’ major proposals would cost a staggering $60 trillion and would double the size of the government (while his tax plans fall $27 trillion short of paying for it). There’s a reason that, when pressed on the cost of his plans, Sanders simply refuses to answer, saying he actually has no idea and ‘no one does.'”
That $60 trillion number comes from The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein, a CNN contributor, who broke down the costs of Sanders’ proposals like “Medicare for All,” the “Green New Deal” and free tuition at public colleges and arrived at that stunning price tag.
Just how big a number is that? This, from Brownstein, puts the $60 trillion in spending proposals in very clear context:
“The Vermont independent’s agenda represents an expansion of government’s cost and size unprecedented since World War II, according to estimates from his own website and projections by a wide variety of fiscal experts.

Source: Bernie Sanders’ disastrous answer on ’60 Minutes’ – CNNPolitics


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